Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Red, Glorious Red

I've really got going with those little needle cases. I have fine tuned the way I sew the binding on and now it's full steam ahead!

The most enjoyable part, for me, is choosing the fabrics. You can have a bit of fun with them, as I have done. They aren't a serious piece of work, so I just go with the flow a bit. Especially with the selvage ones. One of them is still a WIP, as I don't have a binding in a suitable colour. I'm thinking something bright.

No this isn't the mouth of a Muppet! It's the inside of one of my needle cases. I've used felt for the needle holding part. Look, there's more gingham. I have it in red, black, orange, yellow, pink, brown, and I think that's all.

I really must buy blue as well. I had a school uniform when I lived in Papua New Guinea in blue gingham. I was only five, but I remember it with great fondness.

You know my little obsession with tea towels, right? Well, look what I have made from a serviette. Not the paper variety, but wouldn't that be grand, all those fabulously decorated serviettes that get wasted. No, unfortunately, it's the fabric kind. They have been sitting in my cupboard for absolutely years. It's a lovely linen and the perfect colour for a Christmas stocking.

I can't remember where I got the inspiration for this stocking design. Could have been a magazine even. I have used old buttons from op shops and my grandmother's stash. Mostly the shell sort as they have lovely colour.

And two little hearts from the left overs. I used the stitched edges as hangers to give it a bit of a rustic feel. Not sure if maybe it's too rustic?

Kind of looks like they are about to fall apart! The hangers are just pinned on too. Kind of by accident, I thought it was a good look with the pearl pins in them. I may be wrong, but I like them the way they are. Definitely to be hung up high, away from little hands.

A little freehand embroidery finishes them off nicely.

Now, really, the housework is slipping around here. You should see the folding pile, let alone the ironing pile! I hope there are others out there whose carpet looks as bad as ours. Don't even talk to me about the bathrooms either!! I really must spend some time this week sorting out these issues. Not sure when I'll be able to fit it in though.

We are going to Gran's this afternoon for cake. It's been a year since my Grandad died and we are having a little remembrance time together.

Now before I go, here is another of my patches. They are both fabrics I used for Daughter No. 4's bed cover. I love the roses in them. And of course the fabulous red, it's just the right shade too.


Lululiz said...

The needlecases are so pretty!

Hmm, why hadn't I noticed the NZ clock before? I am very glad its there though, I had no idea what the time difference was. It is 7.27AM here right now, and your clock is showing 6.27 which is PM I suppose....... Of course, all that changes again, when summer time changes to winter time and vice versa. ARRRGGHH.

Hazel said...

Sarah - your stitching is impecable! Loooove the needle cases and stockings! Tres sweet my dear! Haven't had a chance to catch up with you yet, had a crazy week - busy busy. Got a mouth full of ulcers and giant bags under my eyes. Too much to do - too little time! Nearly forgot S's last pre-school visit! Numpty! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, a clock !!My God, this huge time difference it's so strange for me!
Sarah, I'd really like to thank you for your kind words,they meant me a're a wonderful person.
and made again such pretty things...I think there in NZ the days must be much longer than here,otherwise how can you find time to make so many things....?
My cottage was a kit by The Nutmeg Company, 'Weekend Cottages' series. Ok, I won't throw it away, when you watch it in the evening when it's a bit dark and from a decent distance ,it doesn't look as bad....and I don't want to waste the long hours and the money I invested in it....It's very small but it took me a long time to finish it.

meg said...

Oh that stocking and those hearts are super cute. I finished one of my boys Christmas stockings last night and will have to post it on my blog too. It has button decorations but in the shape of an initial. I love your one though.

Polka Dot Daze said...

Jeepers your pantry is tidy! No worries about my swap, maybe next time.