Friday, 5 June 2009


We seem to have so many pairs of jeans, that have irreparable holes in the knees at the moment. It seems such a waste to throw them out when the rest of them are more than fine. Sometimes I sew patches on, but that's pretty difficult to do on skinny leg jeans for a two year old!

Last time I crocheted two patches and hand sewed them onto No. 3's jeans. They looked so funny, but she loved them. I won't be doing that again, the needle was so hard to push through the denim. My fingers were killing me by the time I had finished.

Well, this time I cut the jolly legs off and made a simple skirt for her. And she loves that too. I was sitting at the machine while the others were getting ready for school this morning, finishing it off so she could wear it. She was desperate! I'm now hunting around for anything else I can cut up. Watch out girls, you may all be wearing skirts from now on!

Here is another one of my patches for the blanket. This one features a pretty blue floral fabric that Daughter No. 1 chose when she was about four years old. She still loves the dress and actually put it on over jeans when I found it a while ago. She's now ten! Talk about one size fits all, to an extreme!!

The pale pink gingham was a freebie I was sent, when I ordered the Funky Monkey fabrics I spoke about yesterday. I love it, but unfortunately there was only enough for this patch really.

I've been out for a little bit of retail therapy this afternoon. Husband A. (Goodness I've just realised you maybe thinking I may have a Husband B and C too!) I should be so lucky!! Anyway, he is home at the moment convalescing after a bit of minor surgery, so I was able to sneak out with only one child.

I bought the little scissors for my crochet bag for only $4! Such a bargain. The tin is for my hand sewing needles as they are always going missing. The other fabrics are for other projects.

So where did I go? Daughter No 2 is itching to know herself as she reads over my shoulder. Well, where else, but Spotlight! Look at these lovely fabrics that caught my eye. I love the one above with the waves, just itching to be stitched when padded.

This is the most fabulous fabric I have seen for sometime and I just have to make some crochet rolls out of it. They have fruit bottoms! Which shape do you take after? The pear, apple or are you lucky enough to be the banana? I personally like the cherry. See the melons? So funny!


Lululiz said...

That last fabric had me in fits of giggles, I LOVE IT !!! I have never seen anything like it, lol, and I so wish I could get that over here. I don't buy new fabrics often ( practically never, seeing I have two shelf units full of vintage fabrics ) but I would buy that one.

Oh, and the skirt you made with the jeans top bit, I am not surprised she loves it so much, it looks great.

Hazel said...

What hilarious fabric, wish I was the cherry! Great idea with the skirt. Have the same problem with jeans, but S and E wouldn't be happy if I made them into skirts! Good purchases as well. Am itching to have a project but have too much to do for the impending trip! See you Tues! x

Eliane Zimmermann said...

what a gorgeous idea to combine old jeans with flower-fabrics and make a skirt out of both. but what should I do with all those jeans of my two boys??? ;-(( happy autumn from springfresh ireland! eliane

Jean said...

That fabric is so awesome, I want some too! What will you do with it?

Corrie said...

cute skirt! well done, never thought of doing that! I've turned jeans into denim skirts for myself and love them!