Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Old Finds

Well, hello everybody out there in Blog land! I have had some very lovely and kind comments lately. Thank you so much for taking the time to 'talk' with me. I have enjoyed all my new visitors from the USA that arrived after seeing my crochet roll featured on Selvage Blog. That was quite a thrill for me! It's a bit like having your work published really. Here it is below, just in case you haven't seen it.

I actually made a new little something yesterday. I can't show and tell what it is, as it's meant to be a surprise birthday pressie for a dear friend. I'm not sure how often she checks on my blog, but I probably should wait until next week to show you, just in case. Hate to spoil surprises.

So anyway, I will tell you what I am going to make this afternoon, or evening. It depends on how much time I get. I tell you there's not much at the moment, so those evenings are fabulous. Last evening I was out picking my mother up from the airport. But tonight I have no plans, so fabric here I come!

I definitely feel a bit of selvage sewing in the air! Look at all these wonderful edges just waiting to be turned into something of interest. I think a little needle case would be cute. I quite enjoy making them for some strange reason. Strange because they are actually a right pain to bind. Anyhow, that's what I'll be making today.

See this needle case above? Yes, the unironed one! I found it under all my ribbons and bindings, all crushed and unloved. I'm showing it to you, because a few weeks ago, I saw one just like it on Manka's Little Rose Cottage blog. I got a bit excited when I saw it as it jogged a lovely memory or two. She makes some wonderful creations and her embroidery is just fantastic.

I was probably about ten when I stitched this little girl. I have always loved hand stitching. I used to make little animals by the dozen out of felt. I loved, and still love to sew with felt and now my girls do too. It's such an easy fabric to use and is lovely and soft as well.

Now I know that Floss was wondering what I found out about this vase. Remember I picked it up at an 'old folks home' gala? Well I have to say, not too much I'm afraid. I do know that the number on the bottom is the shape number. I saw others in the same shape on google sites, but not nearly as pretty as this one. The others didn't highlight the handles like this one either. I love the gold handles, they look expensive and special.

So, I think I'll just keep it on our buffet and enjoy it. The roses really suit it too and I don't have another vase that can do that.

Righty ho, off I go! Dearest Daughter No. 4 is still not sleeping even though she'd been awake off and on since 5.15am!! This mother is not impressed!


Lululiz said...

I am not surprised that you got loads of new visitors, that crochet roll is pretty darned good.

Funny that you should mention felt on your blog, and show that cute little needle case today. I bought a few pieces of felt last week, god knows why, lol, and I keep looking at it, trying to work out what I am actually going to do with it. Hmmm.

Floss said...

Well, it's good to find out that you like your vase better than the ones on the net, anyway! The gold handles are great.

I have a bag of tiny felt pieces waiting for me at my mum's - they seem to be from my grandma's collection but I couldn't fit them in the suitcase when I came home last time! Flying out tomorrow, though...

Anonymous said...

Oh, the needle case!I'm happy that you've found it so I can see it, it's so cute!!!And it's so similar to mine!I like the colour of it , here in Hungary I can't find felt with such nice colours that's why I don't use it often.
Thank's for mentioning my blog as well.
You trully deserve to have thousands of visitors as your works are so beautifully done,and that crochet roll is really fabulous!!!
Well, I'm having some very bad days now, I'm just so fed up with everything... I hope it'll pass soon..I try to make and finish some stitching but I just can't concentrate on it...
hugs and love:Manka

Hazel said...

Now that is a really sweet little needle case! Very sweet indeed! Children that don't sleep in the afternoons are rather testing aren't they? E is also skipping more and more naps recently. Those couple of hours of respite in the middle of a crazy day are like gold. xx