Sunday, 29 November 2009

Giveaway Winner!

Well my birthday is almost over. I have had such a lovely day today. There were presents galore this morning followed by breakfast in bed. Then a treasure hunt for a fab present - one of those lovely little Christmas houses that light up!
We have just returned from my parents house where we had a wonderful meal of roast lamb followed by a pavlova cake. Now here's the surprise, there were only six candles on it!! Imagine that? So I'm not as old as I though I was!! And no one guessed how I was spending my day correctly either. Oh dear, never mind, I'll just list all the participants from the 'Oh Dear' post, along with the ones from the last post, and give each comment a number.

And drum roll please.... we have especially selected by husband A (not B!!) number 7!! And who would number 7 be you ask? Let's have a bit of a looksie... Oh golly it's Serenata from The Balancing Kiwi! How wonderful!! Well now, I will have to put a little birthday parcel together for you honey and send it out real quick. Congrats to you!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

One Of Those Weeks

I've been having one of those weeks I afraid. You know the ones, when you think you waste too much time on here rather than actually doing the work. Christmas is starting to sink in and panic me. There's so much to do and attend on top of everything normal. I've also been wondering if I should just 'can' blogging too. But I know it's just the Christmas thing and next year I'll have plenty of time again and I do enjoy rabbiting on to anyone prepared to listen. Oh and good listeners you are too! Thank you all. xxx

So I've been a good girl and have finished a few projects this week. This bear is what I made this morning. She's from the Softies book although I just cut a pattern for her as I don't have access to a photocopier. Not to worry, makes her a bit more unique.

I did make one small change for her. She's supposed to be wearing an apron, but really!!! I couldn't be responsible for her having a dull life in the kitchen, especially when I loath the room myself. No she's more of a tree climbing kind of girl. I did make her a little brooch though, kind of feminine and cute. Not sure who will be receiving her for Christmas but I have plans to make a pink one as well. This was just a try out really. Do you like her red gingham hands?!!! Bit oven glovey really. Never mind.

Well I've successfully managed to screw up my birthday giveaway by leaving people out. I just scanned down the comments and thought all were present. NOT!!! Really sorry for leaving some of you out but as it hasn't actually happened yet, all's well that ends well. And being one of the female sex, I am entitled to change my mind at any given moment without explanation. So the rules have changed.
Now thinking on the spot once again, I will now explain the new rules of my giveaway. Ummm, ummm, arrr, OK, maybe we could play a game. How about you tell me what I'm going to be doing for my birthday and maybe guess how many candles will be on my cake. Yes I am expecting a cake as my girls wouldn't have it any other way. Sweet things! Oh and please don't advertise my giveaway, it's just for you, my dear friends.
The winner will the one with the closest guess and perhaps the funniest. We'll see, I'll let my girls decide. See it's all wishy washy again! Here's a photo of the main prize (but don't get too excited please!) hidden away in a little felt pocket. There will be a few little extras too! Oh and I will announce the winner on Sunday, my birthday - whenever I can fit it in. Good luck!
Right moving on, look what I received in the post yesterday! Another parcel from Liz. Really that girl is bad!! She sent me one of her lavender bags that I have always admired for my birthday. Luckily I had just bought some lavender last Friday so I was able to fill it immediately. Isn't she clever, and kind too? Thank you so very much Liz, I love it!!

I'm going to go and make some pikelet batter for afternoon tea. No.2 wants to make some when she arrives home from school. Gosh she can be a brick that girl! You wouldn't know she had a broken arm. The only thing she needs help with is her bath. I'm very impressed with her.
Sadly I'm not so impressed with her teacher! No.2 left her school sandals outside the classroom the day she broke her arm and forgot to pick them up when she picked up her bag. Trauma can do that to a girl. Anyway they were left outside the classroom all weekend and on Monday too, and now they are nowhere to be seen. Gosh I was so cross with her teacher so I went to school and had a bit of go at her. She didn't seem to think she should bring in forgotten shoes as she never has before! So off to the deputy head I went and now we have the whole school on the lookout for them. Honestly the things a mother has to do sometimes!
Right, rant over. You can go now.

Monday, 23 November 2009

What Has The Woman Sent?!!

Well I found a sweet little present for you on Saturday. It wasn't at Market Day, but at the shop by dance class. It's a creative centre and the shop there sells things that crafters have made. It's a great place to shop for presents as they are reasonably priced and very unique. So this secretly hidden present, with a very lovely felt envelope, will be part of my giveaway. I'll add a few bits and pieces as it would be a bit boring unwrapping just one present wouldn't it?

Now I have decided that I would like one of my regulars to win my birthday giveaway. So if you left me a message on my last post, 'Oh Dear!', then your name will be put into a hat on Sunday 29th, my birthday, and she will draw a winner out. Sound fair? By the way No.2 is feeling quite good now thank you. She did love reading your kind messages.

And speaking of presents, my goodness did a wonderful collection of them arrive this morning! All the way across the world, dear Liz trawled the op shops and market places to find as much red gingham and spots as she could carry by the looks of things!! She warned me beforehand that it was all a bit of fun and nothing serious, and she would have to explain a few items. Just look at this bag full...

Liz you completely spoilt me!! And she just did this because she is such a sweetie. Thank you so much for all these lovelies. Well, shall we have a bit of a looksie then?
A spotty cap which will be perfect at a picnic as I will now match my picnic blanket!! Great as camouflage should war break out. Spotty pen and pencil case - very useful and will also blend in. Fragrant beads wrapped in gingham that looks like a necklace but is probably a smelly for my wardrobe. Four gingham squares for jam jar covers I'm guessing.
Two padded coat hangers for my best clothes. And the funniest thing of all... a red gingham school uniform dress that I nearly wet myself over when I opened it!!! Imagine sending me a uniform?!!! What a hoot!

Shower cap covers for the fridge leftovers, beats the clear ones I currently use by a long shot!

The prettiest kitchen cloth that Liz must have known I've been pining for since I first saw them on UK blogs.

I'm not sure if No.2 is ready to forgive me yet for dressing her up!! She is so glad it's not her real uniform as she is not keen on it at all! I think it fabulous and I'm hoping No.3 will let me dress her in it when she gets home. Isn't she just the funniest?!! Honestly we were both in stitches afterwards. So funny! (Have you noticed the plunger on the floor? You never know when you may need one in a hurry!)

Look what I picked up the the op shop this week...
and these darling little florets. I thought they suited that name! I'm thinking these will be perfect for adding to my bags and cushions. The tray cloth will be carefully cut up into individual stars for our Christmas bunting. How flash will that look I wonder. I've had to give them a good soak to revive them back to their former glory. I wish I had taken before photos because I was quite shocked when I found them so very white. I may have to tea stain the little ones.

Well that's enough for today. I feel a list coming on. I think I may have many more things to make for Christmas still. Really don't know what I'm up to. Don't like that feeling of being so unorganised, you would think I would have got used to it by now wouldn't you?
Oh golly No.4 is finally thinking about toilet training herself. Must go and supervise! I didn't ever think she would get there as she's so much later than the others. Bye!!!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Oh Dear!

Well so much for going out to the movies! No.2 fell off the jungle gym at lunchtime and fractured her arm just above her wrist. Luckily I had just got home when I got the phone call. Poor little thing was quite traumatised.

She's doing much better now so no worries. Just have to take it easy this week. Maybe just light work - hee hee!!

Well I did go to the fair so all is not lost. Forgot to buy you girls a gift which is so naughty of me but you know what it's like with a two year old who just wants to go and eat her morning tea! Not to worry, I have the craft market on in the morning and I'm quite sure there will be something lovely there.

Right, off to pamper my little girl!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Little Christmas Birds

I just had to post today as I couldn't very well leave that messy kitchen up any longer! It looks the same again today by the way. At least if I make something I have it to enjoy the next day. If I spend that same time tidying the kitchen it will look the same tomorrow. What sounds more productive to you? Well I already know the answer to that question because you all agreed with me, I should sew. Thanks for your support you lovely people. Big hug (...........)

Isn't it funny when a little theme starts and you don't realise it until ages later. This time it seems to be birds. We've had our share of baby birds in the garden this year. Unfortunately none of them survived as much as we tried to protect them. Some were just newborns and didn't survive the fall.

These little Tilda birds are from the Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle book. It's such a lovely book and one of my favs. They are very easy to make although I'm a bit over making these birds now. I'm not sure how many I've made but it must be over ten which is quite a lot for me. I'm a one hit wonder kind of girl.

I've enclosed them with several presents, for special people, for a little touch of Christmas ...

And see what I picked up at the Trade Aid shop this week...

Yet another type of bird. Not sure if it's a peacock or not. No.2 thinks it's a cactus bird! Anyway he's going to feature on our Christmas Cards this year. Well, when I figure what to print it with. Stamp pads didn't seem to work. The stamp is made from wood so not the sort you can push from side to side to get a good print. I'll have to try paint I think. Has anyone else used one of these?

I've been a bit busy this week and No.4 has taken to waking me most nights (how rude of her!) which is most unusual these days. It's starting to get a bit hot these nights so it could be that. So anyway I'm feeling rather exhausted to say the least. And tomorrow I'm off to a Christmas fair in the morning, but I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully next week I can make it a bit quieter.

Oooh guess what? My husband and I (sounds posh doesn't it?) are off to the movies tomorrow night!! We can't remember doing this since having children which has been ten+ years!!! I mean we've been to the movies, just not together. Weird! And it's not even my kind of movie but I've been promised lollies if I'll sit still and pretend to watch. I think the movie's called 2012. I'll let you know how it went.

I'm not expecting to blog tomorrow so have yourselves a lovely weekend!!

Sarah xxx

P.S. It's my birthday next weekend, is anyone up for a little giveaway? Mmm I'll have to have a little think about this. Maybe I could pick up a little something from the fair tomorrow? Anyone interested? I think it will be a surprise giveaway, a bit like getting a present from me. I'll get back to you with this idea.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I wonder what I'll do this afternoon?

Any ideas?

Hey at least I have meat out for tea tonight! Unlike yesterday.
Maybe I should do a bit of sewing...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Deck The Halls With...

One of the best parts of having children is going to their concerts. Last night Daughter No.1 was participating in a World Vision "Shake, Rattle and Roll" concert.

Daughter No. 2, Nana, Papa and Great Gran came along as well. It was an amazing show, really loud, awesome songs and lots of happy faces singing their little hearts out. No. 1 thoroughly enjoyed herself. The woman in the black and purple is Suzanne Prentice, a NZ singer, and she and her team have been doing these concerts for 15 years. I'm hoping I'll have someone in it next time as it was a great night's entertainment. Rather late too! We didn't get home until just after 10pm.

I find conductors such good entertainment. They appear to be looser than the rest of us, a bit like a marionette. I could have watched this man for hours!

Here are the singers. Papa counted about 400 I hear! He has a bit of a counting and sorting of colours obsession! I thought I'd leave all the heads in the photo as I quite enjoy this too. It's amazing how many balding men there are in the world!
And now we have a World Vision sponsored child. That's our little gift to someone this Christmas. She is 7 and will now be able to start going to school. Our girls were horrified, or perhaps jealous, that she didn't go yet! I'm thinking we might be able to raise a bit of money by selling our goods (the girls participating too) at Market Day before Christmas. We'd better get a jolly good wriggle on to do this.
Now on with the pretty Christmas pictures I promised you! These stood out as rather lovely and simple'ish' projects. I've tried to find something for everyone.
No.2 is actually going to make some bunting like this one for around our Christmas tree this year. My dear friend Hazel has kindly lent me her pinking shears for this job. Friends are just so perfect aren't they? She also gifted me with some lovely looking Christmas mince this morning! Gosh some people are organized.

How about some little bags with a message on them...

Here's the bunting around the tree... See the teddy with the gingham bow? It's all seriously gingham isn't it?

These oven mits would be a wonderful gift this season. You could put anything on them, but I do like the patchwork trees.

How about some little wooden or felt decorations hung on some bare branches. That always looks nice. And those cushions are a real winner for a festive feel in the lounge.

Maybe a nice new table runner is in order... Nice for a bit of quilting practice.

And for the scrapbookers out there, a very colourful Advent calendar...

Those who quite like a bit of hand stitching, this cushion would be perfect... I love the reindeer around the border.

Well I'll have to have a look in a few more mags and see what else I can find for you. Ooops I forgot the crochet lovers. Check this lovely crochet design out... I'm thinking strung up as a garland would be perfect. I wish I could crochet at times like this. Well more than Granny squares anyway!
Now I'm itching to get back to my sewing as I didn't get time for anything yesterday. I'll love you and leave you all for now.
Hope you are getting a bit more excited now!
Sarah xxx

Monday, 16 November 2009

I Need Help!!!!

I fear I'm falling off the wagon!! Look what I bought yesterday...

No not the deer, that was today. But the most beautiful, shiny, perfectly sized, most suitable for a living Christmas tree, red pot. And it was on special. But I'm not supposed to be buying such things am I?!! And the worst part of it all, is I don't even regret buying it. I really don't. Well look at it? It's too fabulous for words.

What am I to do now. Confess to dear Tif from Dottie Angel? Apologise for letting everyone down? Get over it and try harder next time? Yes that's more like it! No point in letting it ruin Christmas now is there? This is my Christmas Tree, I've just got it. I'm allergic to pine trees so this one is perfect. A lovely little entrance tree.

The little deer was a purchase today from Trade Aid for No.4 who fell in love with it. How could I possibly say no. It was an ethical purchase at least! And look she's patting it and looking after her ever so nicely.

This year we are having a Gingham Christmas. Come on now, who's surprised? Quite lovely really I think. We all seem to like it around here so that's a good thing.

I'm thinking of a table setting a bit like this one. Well maybe a bit bigger, as 17 of us would be a bit squished around a table of this size. And I will have fabric cloths not paper like they have used. Goodness how long would that last when the inevitable drink gets knocked over?

And we have his and her Christmas trees this year. This is a very special purchase my husband made yesterday. A New Zealand Pohutukawa which is otherwise known as NZ's Christmas Tree as it flowers over the summer months. Isn't she a beauty?

No. 2 was chef in the kitchen yesterday. Chocolate chip biscuits were on the menu. But little No.4 insisted on helping and look what a fine job she did with the fork! Look at that fine looking baking tray!! No cropping for me.

And when No. 1 returned from a sleepover at Nana's and Papa's, she had an armfull of a different choc chippy biscuit! Still they won't last long with four children I guess.

And see what we had for dinner from our own garden last night...

Spinach, beetroot, and a wonderfully big broccoli! And it was very tasty indeed. The spinach is doing so well. I just pick a few leaves most nights and the plants just keep producing more.
The peas are also a winner with No.4. She can't leave them alone. Look at her hugging them. She's just the dinkiest thing ever!

Well I really must be off to kindy to pick up No.3. Next blog session I get I'm going to show you some really lovely Christmas magazine pictures that are going to get you all excited and brimming with ideas. Oooh how exciting!
Gosh it seems all my parcels I sent out are arriving at their destinations all at the same time. It's so lovely to see them all arriving on blogs. I did enjoy making these gifts to those of you I wanted to thank for doing something special for me. Thank you so very much!
Sarah xxx
P.S. The spell check won't work!!! Goodness, now you'll all know how bad my spelling is!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sim City

Please stop by and enjoy a donut. Just let me know if you would like a tea or coffee to go with it, the jug's just boiled!

I've decided that I am just as bad as my girls when it comes to giving things away. This is the second cushion that I have made for someone else that has been snapped up - by myself this time. I just couldn't part with it.

Yet another recycled jeans project! Look, the pocket still works too.

The zip will probably be a good hiding place too for those girls-in-bed-parents-break-out-the -treats kind of treats that need to be hidden quickly.

And some buttons on the back of the over-stuffed cushion. It's the only size I had. My button hole stitch is so quick and amazing on my new machine. I can actually make a button hole whilst drinking a cup of tea! Imagine how fun that is?

After kindy today, I went on a wee jaunt to Mount Wellington about 15mins away. The home of the fabric shop. You would have been proud of me. I only bought one piece of ribbon even though I was soooo tempted to buy plenty of other lovely things. Very nice fabrics everywhere at the moment. Such a shame. Still when I actually find out what I want to make I can go back and buy, buy, buy.

There is an old quarry out there that is turning into a new sub-division. It is so like the Sim City game!! It's just got bits of finished housing plonked down in one part. Whole streets developed in other areas. Ponds. Diggers and workmen everywhere. The girls thoroughly enjoyed watching it all out of the car window while I dined on Sushi. It was so yum!

This is the completed section...

An overall view...

Look at this wonderful design with rocks...

We watched with great interest at this digger levelling off the top of a man-made hill. Really couldn't work out the reason for this???

Funny how these places just suddenly appear. I really enjoy seeing what's happened each time I visit the area. It's kind of ugly but weird looking. Not somewhere I would like to live. Still I guess one day when the trees have grown and the houses have aged a little it will blend in like any other area.