Monday, 8 June 2009

Fruit Lady Roll Ups

I'm sitting in the cold, my hands are freezing and I can hear Daughter No.4 babbling in her room next door. She hasn't had a sleep during the day for the last three days so I'm praying that she will today. She's a very full on kind of girl, so a break is always a welcome thing.

Sorry, I've just been to change a 'stinky' and now she is refusing to go to sleep. Looks like sleeps might be becoming a thing of the past. The other three slept until they were four or later. Mind you, she isn't like them at all!

This sweet daughter also made the lovely fridge art above. Please don't look at all the filthy finger prints on the fridge!! Quite creative this child, isn't she?

I've finally got sick of hunting through my apron bag for my cards. You know, the money cards. The plastic wallet I've had them in gave up months ago and I was getting desperate for a new one. Anyway, a thought occurred to me, to make one. I knew exactly which fabric I would be using too. Well, who could resist?

And a little bit of gingham never hurt anyone! Can you really have too much gingham in your life? Does anyone out there not like it? What a thought!!

So here it is, front, back and inside. Did you see my pretty little Spotlight card revealing itself? Cheeky little thing it is too.

And the next day, I started on a new little project. A needle case. I do love these fabrics. I quilted the second one, with the roses, as I was a bit upset about the excess fabric showing itself, which became apparent after binding the first one. Mind you, that gingham binding is so floppy, it's a nightmare to use. Might do away with that stuff altogether.

And the weekend wouldn't be complete without a crochet roll or two, would it? I had fun with the fruit ladies. It's so much more rewarding to sew with fabulous fabric, wouldn't you agree?

I just need to go shopping for ribbons to finish them off. Not sure what colour yet. I'm also thinking they could easily be used as place mats! Multi tasking mats, I could call them!


Country Nanny said...

Hi Sarah! Hope you had some moments of relax, in the end.
Your crochet rolls are gorgeous!
Have a nice week, Elisa

Floss said...

Wow! Very clever. It's always a shock when a child won't nap any more, isn't it? I used to go for long drives, in despair, to get my eldest one to sleep, and just have some work or a book with me for parking up when he finally dropped off!

Lululiz said...

You are so darned clever with the sewing machine! I was going through one of the sewing drawers the other day, and found a whole load of crochet hooks in all different sizes, which I had totally forgotten about. I really oughta try and make one of those fabulous crochet hook rolls as well, sigh. Another thing for the to-do list, I must be on page 87 by now, lol.
Liz x
PS - my email addy is on my profile

Polka Dot Daze said...

You are so productive it makes my dizzy!
Anyway, my swap is posted if you wanted to join in :)

Lisa Brown - Vintage Sweet Peas said...

I love your crochet rolls!!!! :)

Hazel said...

What a cheeky little crochet roll!!! The cheekiest I've seen - ha ha ha! The needle cases look so dinky too. I'm seriously going to kit myself out with some sewing accessories when I get back and I'm coming straight to you for inspiration.....a bag, a roll and a needle case is on my very long list!