Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Patchy Memories

Afternoon everyone! Well it is here anyway. Lovely day, but we had a good frost this morning, a bit chilly for walking to school. Always turns out nice after a cold start though, so it's worth it. I've done the supermarket shopping this morning as food was getting scarce around here. I've been very creative with the lunch boxes this week! Will be much easier tomorrow, thank goodness.

Now, you may be wondering what has prompted this latest patchworking project. Yes, there is usually a reason for the items I make. Well, let me share with you what my Gran gave me last week. I've been keeping secrets again, naughty me! No really, I actually just have too jolly much to jabber on about and can't fit it all in!

Well here it is... Bit green and orangy isn't it?

It's not really my kind of thing at all. I mean the patchwork is fine, but the retro look is just not me. I do think it looks good in the garden window though.

The fabrics are all cut and stitched with needle and thread. Such a huge job for her and she can't even remember making it!! Can you believe that? She isn't even doolally.

You know what it reminds me of?

A giraffe! You know, the same sort of shapes on their skin. I adore giraffes so that's not a bad thing.

Now, have a looksie at this dreadful discovery! Someone, probably Gran herself, has removed, by hacking out, one of the corner hexagons!! What a crime! I'm not too sure what I am going to do with it, but it will need to be re backed anyway, as she hasn't completed it properly. Two other patches have torn as well over the years.

I do intend to keep this blanket and restore it, and improve it too I hope. I love that Gran made it and it is a family heirloom because there are memories in the fabrics. We just don't remember too many of them at the moment!

Husband A. has suggested that I cut a large rectangle and stitch it on to it, then add a border or two around it. Do you have any suggestions? I will have to hand stitch in on though as the rest is hand stitched. Such a large job.

I thought I would tell you about a couple of the patches I have made. This represents two different stages in life. The gingham was used on a baby quilt I made for our first arrival. It was patchwork squares too, funnily enough. It now lives in the playhouse and keeps the baby dolls warm.

The floral fabric was made into a top for Daughter No. 2 this past summer. She loves this fabric and chose it herself.

The patch right at the top of this blog has yellow gingham left over from the playhouse curtains, and a multi patched fabric from a top I made for Daughter No. 4. last year

I am very grateful for the three awards I have received this week, from some lovely blogger friends. Thank you very much for considering my blog worthy of such kind awards. I will be awarding them out to others, when I make time later on in the week, or maybe in the weekend if all else fails. I haven't forgotten!


Sarah said...

Dear Mummy,

I really did have fun choosing two little squares to go together. I am glad that you mentioned my name. :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of love from Daughter 2

Hazel said...

The quilt is lovely!!! What a busy little secretive bee you've been. Such a nice idea to use much loved fabrics from previous projects. An heirloom for sure! x