Monday, 20 June 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Well the garden sure has been super busy and so confused.  Strawberries in NZ in June???  OK it's a small one, but still.  Spring bulbs flowering?? 

Autumn leaves still changing?  Very late, but then the temps have been so warm and so NOT mid June.  It was 20 degrees on Saturday!!!  T-shirt weather I tell you! The high temps in Auckland are anything from 15 degrees to 20 at the moment.  They should be below 10!

Never mind we are not complaining at all.  No we are not.  And we sure are having our share of wet weather today. 

Now do you remember ages ago that I said I was too busy to blog because of a project I had been working on?  Well I can now tell you what that big thing was...


Oh yes, I may well have completely lost the plot this time around, but you know what?  I LOVE it!!  No.1 loves it too.  Yep it's just her and I at the moment (with No.4 pottering around) but we have two other younger sisters keen to join in sometime soonish.  So our days are busy now with work, outings, crafting, drawing, lots of learning in a fun way.

My mother celebrated her birthday the weekend before we started on our new venture. I decorated her cake.  Her sister baked the cake.  Just how I like it to be, no cooking.
This was her present from us...
I started this quilt about two years ago!!!  Finally finished and being loved.  I do love how it turned out.
A fancy little addition to the back and another doily label.
And last but not least.  I tested the linen with the cotton fabrics in the wash by making a cushion and guess what?  It was a success!  So now I can safely finish the quilt, sometime!  In the meantime No.4 can enjoy her new cushion on her bed.
And now my dears, we are off to the swimming pool.  And no I won't be going in.  Perhaps next time when I've sorted out the forests growing on my legs!!  How embarrassing!  The little ones have started lessons too and they are doing fabulously.  So sweet.  But for now it's No.1's turn to have fun.  See you next time xxx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I have actually made a start on No.4's quilt!  Yes I know!  Amazing, it really is.  And I started on the spur of the moment as well.  I just decided two nights ago to rip into it.  I'm not sure if many of you sew like I do.  I just went into this quilt with no idea of what I was really aiming for.  I knew that I was having squares and doilies, but as for design, really I was in the dark.  So I just began stitching squares together and I have to say I really like it so far. 

I might need to find a couple more bigger sized doilies, but that's OK.  I don't really know if I'm going to fill in all the small linen squares or just some of them with little doilies and bits of table cloths. 

I do think I'll make the whole quilt and then stitch the doilies on in case it shrinks and looks blimmin' awful.  And no I haven't pre-washed any of the fabrics.  And yes I know that linen mix isn't the same as the cottons and the shrinkage may differ. As I say, I like livin' on the edge a little.

And today I ordered another pile of fabrics as I ran out at cot size!  It's very me I'm afraid.  Not to worry, they should be here tomorrow.  There was a panicky moment or two when I saw that one of the fabrics wasn't available on the online shop.  Turns out she just hadn't listed some of them.  It sure does pay to ask ladies.  Actually it might pay to make sure you have enough fabric in the future when embarking on a quilt, unless you prefer to live on the edge like me.

So this is the quilt so far.  I've used bigger linen squares for underneath the doilies for support.  'Cause a doily needs a lot of support you know.  I've even decided to do quilting lines either side of each seam which another first for me. 

The little lady thinks it's a bit special to finally be getting a real quilt.  "Is it really mine?"  She keeps asking.  Although she's not keen on the spotty squares.  Who knows why??  This is a girl that hates to wear stickers and name tags, fake tattoos and pen marks on skin.

I'm thinking, yes I know I've done a bit much of that lately haven't I?!! Anyway I'm thinking that I'll just do more squares around the edges but not any more doilies as it will be less fussy that way.  But who knows what it will turn out like in the end.   Now I think I've prattled on quite enough for one day!  See you later xx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Little Fish for Someone Special

A while back my dear bloggy friend Lara sent me a quilt top, two matching fabrics and another matching charm pack.  She was having a clear out and getting rid of things that made her feel guilty.  Oh you know the feeling do you?  Yes, me too.  I told her I would finish the quilt and donate it to a charity.   Well surprise, surprise Lara, it's finally done!!!

And it's so cute too!  I love the Moda Odyssey range of fabrics.  I think a little boy in Christchurch is going to love snuggling up in his new quilt, don't you?

It's not that big, but big enough for a little lad and his teddy.  I'm sure it would look wonderful on a wooden cot too.

I went for wavy quilting lines as I thought it looked suitably sea-like for the little fishes.  A bit of a breakaway from my usual stippling.  Way quicker too, especially as I didn't measure the distance between each line.  It's fairly even I think.

A little label was made on my fab little machine...

and then stitched onto the dotty quilt back.  I really love the backing fabric.  It's just a cheapy from Spotlight but it goes well.  And next week when I meet up with Cat I will pass it onto her, to accompany her to Christchurch. 

Thank you Lara for helping me make this quilt for someone special.  xxx