Thursday, 11 June 2009

Where Am I?

A number of you have asked questions about our country, New Zealand. I always presume everyone knows where it is and what it's like, as we know so much about yours. Well you're probably much bigger than us and we hear more about you. There are the odd ones you don't hear much about, like Manka's Hungary, but generally we know something about where you are from.

So today, I would like to enlighten you all a little. Here we are, up there at the top of my blog. We are made up of three main islands and quite a few smaller ones too. We live in Auckland, which is near the top of the North Island. It has fairly tropical weather in the summer and not too bad winters, a few frosts and that's about all. Never any snow. That falls in the area where it says 'North Island' and also in the South Island. Great ski fields, although I've only ever been skiing once and it really wasn't my thing.

We haven't always lived in Auckland, we moved here about six years ago from Wellington. See it on the map? It's a pretty simple map, but you don't need to see every name, do you?

Now my dear Husband A, has provided a couple of gadgets for your use. Generous isn't he. We do get a lot of confused people wondering what the time is over here, so the clock is for you. And the weather one? Well, Hazel has one on her blog, and he felt that we should probably have one too.

He's feeling a little left behind at the moment. My parents have recently bought a decent sized TV and we still have one of those box things. Hey it works! Actually we have what my parents didn't require any more, as ours was about to die. It would take quite a few mins to warm up each time it was turned on!!

Well that's enough of the geog lesson for today. Look at my floor that greeted me today! Not good is it? But not any more! All vacuumed away by Daughter No.3, with a bit of help from me. She got quite excited when she heard what we were going to be doing. Imagine it!! We'll keep her a bit longer, she's useful, she actually enjoys cleaning. Sick child!

I have been shopping this morning. Yes, we finally have full containers again. The girls will be thrilled when they come home from school today. Go on, have a good nosy!! I know you want to. And no, you may not have the chocolate, no, not even one piece.

I have to make dairy and egg free muffins tomorrow, for the school disco. Oh please save me, I hate baking and the disco! I'm not sure which is worse actually.

I spoke to someone who reads my blog yesterday, and she imagined that I had a fancy machine. Good grief no! Look at it. It was a real cheapie that I bought before I had babies. It does have a few fancy stitches that I never use, but really, it's pretty simple.

So if you like, you can imagine me in the evenings, sitting here in our lounge, sewing away. It's pretty grim looking really isn't it? It's my mothers sewing cabinet. The basket houses my fabrics I'm currently using, the patchwork squares are on the buffet, sewing supplies in the round box and in the drawers, and trims in the square white box. That's my sewing machine cover on the floor. I have plans to make a fancy patchwork, padded one soon. I can't wait, but I'll have to, as I have too much on!!!
And lastly, where I sit to blog and chat to you. Not too flash either is it? Nothing is around here, come to think of it. And look at the state of the screen!! I wasn't lying when I said housework was slipping, was I? And no, the vacuuming didn't extend to the bedroom, where this photo was taken.

Oh, well, never mind. I didn't get where I am today by doing housework. I could have a clean, tidy house if I wanted to, but I would rather live my life as I do now than have that.


Ali Honey said...

Hi, this is my first visit to your blog via the Selvage one. At this stage I am still saving my selvages but like what you made.

Bboo hoo, Ttauranga isn't on your map!

Hazel said...

What a lovely tour around your world! I'm very impressed with your clean pantry! Sounds like you've got a very balanced approach to your housework! I'm certainly not going to be winning any 'tidy house' awards! x

Stephanie said...

I love learning about other parts of the world. It's like a virtual vacation. Thanks for you comments on my blog. I would respond but you come up as a "no reply". I didn't know if you knew this.

Lululiz said...

My goodness, girl, I nearly fainted ( with envy ) when I saw your larder cupboard. It is the tidiest larder I have EVER seen! I bet you know where things are straight away, like, within a split second. Now I on the other hand, take ages to find anything in the larder, lol. I get as far as buying lots of plastic tubs to put stuff in, and then end up using the tubs for something else, like soap shreds of different colours, and soap cubes, and beads from recycled necklaces......

And although your post showing a very tidy home made me feel terrible about being the world's worst housewife, I still love reading your blog, so I am giving you a little award. Hop over to my blog a bit later on ( well, probably tomorrow for you, cos its past your bedtime ) to collect it. x
PS - don't forget to let me know about the fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, come to visit me, please . I give you an award. Later I'll come back to read your post, now I have no time for it..

Notjustnat said...

I saw you mentioned school uniform in blue gingham in PNG. Was that Murrey International school in Port Morseby? I happen to have some of those uniforms when my DD went to that school!