Monday, 1 February 2010

Happy Birthday No.2!

Our No.2 has just turned nine.  A sleepover was requested, but only two special friends were invited, much to her parents delight.  There were a few very lovely presents to open on her birthday morning.  The much longed for quilt was unwrapped with much excitment...

and placed carefully on her bed.  Co-ordinating pillows were added, and it all came together rather nicely.

I have to say that with each quilt I make, a learn a new technique.  OK this is only my second quilt, but still, I've learned so much already.  This quilt called for straight stitching in a criss-cross manner.  I now know how to attach the walking foot correctly (yes it does make a huge difference to the performance of it!).  I know that perfectly cut fabrics make the job of criss-crossing the stitching easier.  I have since learned there is a special knot function on my sewing machine that means you don't have to hand knot every single row ending!!!  (Good grief if only I'd know that one before!)  And I've also learned that I need lots of practice with freehand quilting although I did rather enjoy hand quilting the flowers.

I did have to put in quite a few hours in the evenings to complete this quilt as I wanted the finished quilt to be a surprise.  It was a little worrying especially when I realised the amount of handstitching required.

 So even though her birthday was on Saturday and it's now Monday, she's yet to sleep under it.  With her sleepover party in the lounge and then a sleepover at her Grandparents, tonight will be the big night.

 The good thing about having big girls, is they are quite useful when it comes to party planning.  I try and leave the menu up to them and they even make some of the goodies.  You should see what's on the menu  next Saturday's party for our nearly three year old!  Saves me having to do everything and they really enjoy the responsibility.

 White tigers are No.2's favourite animal, so I wasn't too surprised when a tiger cake was requested.  I'm getting a bit slack when it comes to having everything ready well in advance. This was put together the night before and finished off on the day.  The girls were working out how many cakes I've had to make over the years and the number was scary.  Over 40, but probably 50!!  No wonder I'm over the whole party thing!

Another of her gifts was a camera, so you can expect the quality of photo on my blog to improve.  Oh and maybe get more interesting as well!  I also made her a sewing bag out of a tea towel and some goodies to go in it.  I'll have to get her to take some photos of them to show you next time. 

Pretty much all in the spirit of 'The Challenge' as well.  I'm still doing very well with that by the way.  I think I tend to live like that anyway so it's not too much of a struggle.  Oh and we're not counting the renovations in the challenge, that would be too difficult and limiting.

Off to plan the next renovation.  Not kidding either!  Will inform you next time as well.  See you for now, and have fun in your spare time.


Juanita Tortilla said...

Your sewing machine sounds like it has a load of functions. Probably because all I ever know about a sewing machine, are straight stitches, zig-zags, using the zipper foot. Hmm..., oh, and I have to learn to use the button-hole foot as well. That's about it, eh?

Love the sweet pastel look to the quilt, by the way.

Assuming it is 1 cake per family member; 4 birthdays to celebrate a year; Celebrating birthdays and what-nots for over 10 years... Yes, 40-50 cakes and parties sounds a bit right! WOW. You could be awarded a medal for something like that. Are there any favourites, when it comes to cakes, or party themes?

Juanita Tortilla said...

Edit: you have 4 children, so that means 6 family members. Wowza.

TheMadHouse said...

Wow, what a fantastic quit, number 2 is very lucky indeed. Well done, it looks divine. I love the cake too and the cookies.

I also love the idea of a little bag of sewing goodies too, sounds like a great weekend was had down under

bekimarie said...

Happy Birthday (belated) no.2.
Love the quilt, looks fab, well done you. You do realise i'll be calling on you when I get round to finishing mine don't you ;)

Take care
Beki xxx

Floss said...

The quilt is so worth all your hard work - that is beautiful!

We have handed over cake decoration and party planning to the boys now - it's exciting to see how creative they can get. The meercat mountain cake was fun... Can't wait to see what your girls prepare for their little sister. said...

What a lucky birthday girl, and happy birthday to her! What a beautiful bed with that stunning suilt, you are so clever! Not to mention that cake! suzie xxx

jus said...

What a pretty post, I love the quilt with the matching pillowcases...fabulous! x

Michela said...

Hi Sarah and happy birthday to the very lucky girl who got that fabby quilt!!!!!

Serenata said...

Oh Sarah that quilt is wonderful, what a very lucky daughter you have! Those biscuits brought a smile to my face... I used to love those. :-)

Joan said...

Beautiful quilt! But I really shouldn't read your blog before breakfast -- I saw those yummy-looking cookies and was tempted to lick the computer screen.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your daughter ! :)

Sarah, the quilt is FABULOUS !!!!!!

Dotty Jane said...

You did a wonderful job with the quilt! The whole ensemble is so pretty:)
Love that cake, too!

Croap Queen said...

Happy Birthday No 2!

What a lovely present and so nice that she was excited about it.
Clever Mummy.

Jo x

VintageVicki said...

What a lucky little girl - beautiful quilt and gorgeous cake :)

BTW - There's something for you on my blog ;)

Vicki xx

Catherine said...

What a fabulous bed! My little girl would just love that!! I love your blog!

Selina said...

The quilt is just beautiful Sarah, hard to believe that's only your second! Great job! Oh, and great job on the tiger cake too!

Lululiz said...

Oh no, bad me, I missed No. 2's birthday! Please tell her I am sorry and pass on my best wishes to her. I am sure she had a really great time with all the lovely prezzies, party, sleepovers etc.

Good lord, girl, you have really outdone yourself with the quilt, its gorgeous! I bet she really really loved snuggling down under it for the very first time.

Jude said...

Happy Birthday