Tuesday, 12 April 2011

For The Little Children

My goodness have I got some pretty things to show you today!  In the postbox today were two lovely parcels.  Really it's just like Christmas around here with boxes and boxes of goodies piling up destined for Christchurch.

Check out these gorgeous raw edged bears!!  Aren't they the sweetest you ever did see?  Thank you very much dear Val!  They've made the flight all the way from Oxford in England to comfort some little children in need.

And look who also arrived today.  A very cheeky monkey who was causing havoc in the post office. My goodness me, she's quite a character!  I do love her legs.   Thank you enormously Gem!!

Now these two little Aussies arrived via Cat from Kaite who also sent the taggie blankets, thank you Kaite, and please thank your mother too.  Don't you think it's wonderful how many wonderful ladies are making things and sending them all this way for Christchurch?

It really is very comforting to see the world helping each other out when things are tough.  In the boxes from Cat were these beautifully knitted hats, berets and scarves.  Jan kindly sent them from Australia, I am very grateful for the time and effort you spent making these warm gifts.  Thank you!

Cat included some bags of her own and a pretty mug rug.  What little girl wouldn't want a nice new bag?  I adore that teddy one most of all.  I can just see a little princess popping her sunnies, lip gloss and tiara in there.

Next time I post I'll show you all the special treats I have for some of the Mums in Christchurch.  My goodness, they are in for a real treat!

I've not been in Blogland much lately have I?  I'm sorry but I'm just so busy at the moment working on different things and the usual family stuff.  Time just seems to disappear doesn't it?  I try and leave the odd comment on your lovely blogs, but I'm finding that I hardly seem to get the time for reading many of them at present.  Rest assured that I am still here and quite well thank you.  I'll leave you with the tempting photo above.  Isn't it delicious?!!!  I'm hanging out for Easter.  These will be for cupcake decorating, so no touching!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Colourful 'Gifts of Love'

I've got something sooo exciting to show you!  Just take a looksie at these fabulous crayon rolls... 

Are they not fabulous?!!  My girls desperately want one each.  But not these ones.  No, these ones are destined for Christchurch for the 'Gifts of Love' appeal and were very generously crafted by a wonderful NZ lady named Margaret - thank you very much!  The little children are going to love these for their art work.

These very cute taggie blankets arrived via Cat.  I love how colourful and cute they are - check out the little ducklings!  Thank you so much Kaite from Australia!  Some special little people will be so lucky to have one of these in bed with them.

I have lots of other wonderful goodies to show you soon.  I picked up a couple of boxes from Cat on Wednesday that are full of gifts.  But I'm running short of time right now.  Instead I will leave you with a funny picture No.4 has done.  Don't you adore little kids art?  This is Daddy and the cat from over the fence.  (Daddy is on the left!!!)

Right, must off and cook dinner!  Have a great day today. 

Monday, 4 April 2011

A Round Up

We are still having the most glorious weather over here in NZ.  Yesterday when everyone was starting to fail due to turning the clocks and gaining an hour, (and a sleepover party for one of them which resulted in five hours sleep max!!) we decided to go to the beach.  It won't be long before it's too cold to visit and enjoy the sand and the water.

I enjoyed playing with the shells and watching the girls dig and get muddy on the bare beach.  They found some dead fish - lovely aye?!!  In the end I was forced to go and see the sight myself.  Oh yes it was well worth it I can tell you!

The orderly man had some fun too in an orderly fashion!  Miss 3 helped to finish it, being orderly herself.  I thought it looked like a place mat!

Last week I managed to make some little 'Gifts of Love' bunny friends for our friends in Christchurch.  I am expecting quite a few goodies in the mail this week for the appeal too which is fantastic thank you dear ladies.  It's coming along quite nicely now with all your wonderful help.

I think we'll have enough gifts for everyone by the end of this week.  Of course I couldn't have done it without your help, or my family's either.  These cute hats were knitted by my Gran.  Aren't they beautiful and girly?

And some more manly ones, along with some pretty ones for girls, lovingly made by my dear mother.

And this cute little monster will chase away any fears a little sweetie might have.  The picture isn't behaving I'm afraid!  Hate that.  Anyway this monster was made by Daughter No.2.  She thought she needed to do her bit to help out as well.  Sweet girl!

If you have offered to send a parcel for Christchurch, could you please send it this week.  Cat and I will have quite a bit of work to do getting them all ready and packed up for Mother's Day in early May.  Thank you so much my dearies.  I do hope you have a wonderful week.  Happy Mother's Day for yesterday to all you English Mummies out there!!!  Now I'm off to send my biggest girl to Camp Mototapu for the week!