Monday, 29 June 2009

Little Boxes On The Hillside

Look who's got a pretty bed!!! This gorgeous setting is where Daughter No. 1 resides. She's often found luxuriating across her bed, book in hand. She's a big book worm and munches through several novels a week. Sometimes per night, if they are short. Harry Potter is the latest collection she is working through.

Did you spot the pretty pillow amongst it all? Yes, I've finally completed it! It was so much fun. Your wonderful comments spurred me on. I ended up using the pillow case I had, as I knew it would be ages before I found the perfect fabric. I cut it with the grain, unlike the makers of the pillow case!

Daughter No. 1 got involved and chose all the embellishments for it. She did a great job I think. I decided that the blue was so perfect for her bed that I gave it to her. There were hugs, thanks, dancing, whooping and a few other excitable reactions. I think she was pleased! And yes, they do all want one. I think Nana does too.

I'm working on a quicker way to get the same result. I've been buying some goodies this morning, so this afternoon I will be cutting a new neighbourhood out.

The back of the cushion has a zipper opening. Nice and easy when you put it in just up from the edge. Nice and neat too when you can't see the zip from the front. You can't even tell it's white can you?!! Hey, I wanted to get it finished!

Now look what I had to take out this morning! Our two year old decided that her pj's were too smart to take off. They are actually. They are quite new to her and she loves them. Look, she's clapping her hands and 'yaying' as she does. She's a very enthusiastic child, No. 4 is.

Yes of course I will take your photo as well No. 3! Yes I will blog about it too! Yes, you do look lovely in your new coat, very smart indeed.


Polka Dot Daze said...

Wow - they look really really cool? Must have been a lot of work! I need to make loot bags for B's party, I saw you gave Hazel a template, is there any way I can get my hands on a copy of it?

randi said...

Cute! So imaginative!

Lululiz said...

You are such a very talented lady! That cushion is just adorable, full of fun and interesting details. Anybody would love to own something like that, me included!

Your wonderful fabrics arrived on Friday, just as I was leaving for the craft fair, thats why I am only just writing about them! Thank you so much, they are just wonderful, and the photos in the diary just make me wanna take a trip straight away! Hmmm, are you trying to tell me something with those quilt patterns, btw?

Kate said...

Fantastic cushion!

amandajean said...

that pillow is just darling! i love all the little embellishments.