Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Birthday Floss!

How excited was I, when dear Floss invited me to her French Garden Party, to celebrate her 40th birthday. Very, I can tell you! Of course it meant that I had to do much organising at home before I could even think about accepting her invite. Well I do have four children and a husband to think of. Lucky for me my parents live close by to help out when needed.
My husband insisted that I go of course, such a fabulous occasion and all. Of course he could cope with the girls. Please go he said, make the most of it and go for two weeks. Well if you insist!

So I left the girls with different time zone clocks, so they would know what time it was for Mummy. Probably should have labeled them really.
Oh my goodness, packing really is a pain isn't it? What to take? Well I am going for a whole two weeks so I should take quite a few changes of clothing. And I need to take a spare bag for the presents I will bring home for the family.

And then I read the fine print on the plane ticket. Only 25kgs!!! You have got to be kidding! Oh well, I might as well buy some new bags in that case.

Oh golly, the time has come to leave my family. After many kisses, cuddles and tears, I leave them behind. Lucky I brought plenty of tissues.
Oooh I hate the take offs!

Oh wow, that's Heathrow down there!!
I decided to catch up with a couple of friends in England. Ah, shopping in Oxford Street, just fabulous!

I had decided to find my outfit for the party in England. So much better choice there. Starting with the under ware to show off my fabulous figure. A corset to pump up those boobs, gosh they really do look so much bigger than usual! Very nice.

What dress to wear? Oh yes, I do like this one and very fitting in a floral too don't you think?

And a hat is most essential. The sun hasn't seen my face for a couple of months now. Would hate to get burnt in France. Simple, but elegant.
I love these shoes!! Simple again, but my tastes are really. No they aren't diamantes, only the real thing for Floss's party!!

Now my hair really does need a serious cut. How about something pretty for a change. Yes this will do nicely. I'll take this picture to France with me so I get just what I want. The flowers are a nice touch.

Well, after yet another plane ride to France, I check into a fabulous little guest house. Isn't the room just perfect? I love the chair, sorry about my night attire draping on it. I'm not too good at tidying away my clothing I'm afraid.

After four days of travel the party day has finally arrived. Just look what dear Floss arranged for me to travel to her house in!! She really is so thoughtful.

Oh, I just about forgot the present...

and the flowers.

Well I had no idea how much trouble Floss and her husband were going to! Just look at the pretty marques.

The garden was just perfect, everything in bloom. The tables are delightfully decorated of course. See how all those thrifty purchases over the years, have paid off for Floss.

Now Floss really is the perfect host. She even had plenty of dairy and gluten free food for those guests who usually struggle to find things to eat at such occasions. Thank you soooo much Floss.
Corn chips are a lovely starter and one of my favourite things at the moment.
Lovely fresh watermelon too.

Look at these lovely home grown vegetables too. Isn't she just the cleverest?

Now what a surprise for the guests. Hot air balloon rides for everyone. Bit scary to start off, but oh so lovely when you get going.
There was a bit of a commotion at the beginning when Liz called to clear the garden for a three o'clock helicopter landing!! All the balloons had to be deflated while she arrived. I must say she is one fancy woman that Liz though. Imagine arriving in that much style!
You should have seen the cake! It really was quite a work of art.

Gosh I'm so glad the caterers were in charge of the clean up. Just look at all the dainty tea cups though. All different but all so special. I see the children had a good time with the lollies!

Nearly forgot to show you the carousel. I have no idea how she must have got it to her garden. Must have been trucked in I guess. Floss has such a huge garden, it really didn't take up much room at all.

Well, I have to say, that was the most spectacular party I have ever been to!!! I have taken plenty of photos to take back home and loads of lovely memories too. Thank you so much Floss for your wonderful hospitality.
It was also so lovely to meet so many other bloggers there too. That Liz nearly had me in stitches with her stories.
Gosh, now I have to spend another week lying on the beaches of the South of France, shopping, eating and generally having a lazy time. I shall go back home a very relaxed mother and wife. Bliss!


M.I.C.E said...
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Ashley said...

That party was fantastic, it was so nice to meet you there. Your dress was to die for!

valerie said...

fantastic post your garden party looks like so much fun mine is here

Lace hearts said...

Your post wins hands down, no contest, as far as I'm concerned. I've giggled my way through it. I'm planning to do mine today, but it won't be half so inspired as that. Fabulous stuff... you have a wicked sense of humour. Lovely to meet you at the party. Still nursing my hangover. x

Michela said...

Lovely party!
I had so much fun!
Thank you Sarah!
Greetings from Italy

Lululiz said...

Well, tut tut, madam, I have to start by telling you off big time! You spent a couple of days in England, shopping no less, and you didn't pop in to say hello to ME!?!?!?!?!?! But, hah, I did get my revenge at the garden party, that cream cake which came flying out of nowhere and hit ya right on the nose, that was me!!

I do love it though that you took that much trouble to make it to Floss's party. What a wonderful friend you are. And to have kept such a meticulous record of it, too, thats just wonderful. Shame I missed the balloon rides, that would have been an awesome experience. And after all that, Floss needn't have deflated them all again, I didn't even land in the helicopter as preciously arranged, I got a ride with Jensen Ackles instead. Bummer, eh? Teeheee.

juanitatortilla said...

What an entertaining post!!! Oh gosh, isn't that cake to die for? It is gorgeous! And a carousel? Floss sure knows we're all little girls at heart; we've had such fun going round and round and round...
What a blast!

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

HA!! I love it, fabulous!!

Floss said...

You are just psychic! How did you know all my plans for my 'real' garden party next week? (Well, we have bought corn chips today, so I am sort of on track...) What can I say - thanks for the great party!

LissyLou said...

What a fab party - i love it x