Thursday, 18 June 2009

Christmas Pohutukawas

This is what my husband brought home last night, after the parent/teacher interviews. I think it is absolutely beautiful! Our very clever ten year old artistically drew these New Zealand Pohutukawas. These trees flower at Christmas time over here, and are therefore given the title of 'New Zealand Christmas Tree'. I have told her we will buy a frame and hang it in her bedroom. She was very pleased that we were so proud of her efforts.

It's nice to have their art around the house. We have a gallery of art, made at school over the years, in our entrance way. It started out as a plan to cover as much of the horrid wallpaper as I could. Now it is just lovely to be able enjoy their colourful work daily.

Well have I been a busy bee today or what? See, the pile of tea towel aprons has grown. Eleven in total now. I still have my favourites - the gingham ones!

This is a new one, pink lace on the bottom of pink gingham. I don't think it needs any other decoration, it is pretty enough.

Now remember my little outing on my own on Tuesday? Well this is what I picked up at an op shop. I immediately thought Christmas when I saw it. Perfect for a little tea light candle. The best part, it was a mere $2!! Unfortunately not a button in sight, my reason for entering the store.

And on to the emporium next door. I just couldn't choose which red ribbon I liked best, so I bought about ten different ones. My intention is to make Christmas stockings with them. The idea comes from my own childhood stocking. Haven't sourced the fabric yet for that project, but I'm pretty anxious to get started.

Look what I got for free there! You can't say nothing is free anymore. It is a very good pen too, and we never have a pen that works around here. Well I think the girls do!

$1.50 threads too. Sick of running out of the right colours. Hope they are good, not used this brand before. But at that price, I'm giving it a go.

Well yesterday and today school is out at 1pm so I have about 30 mins to sort things out before the big girls come home. Yesterday we took Gran with us to the beach. No swimming these days, but a good playground instead. I also had the pleasure of spending a gift voucher at a gluten free bakery out that way. I finally, after weeks of not having any, have bread that I can eat. I actually bought 3 different loaves of bread, sweet and flaky pastry and a muffin for afternoon tea. Such lovely treats all for me!

Keep forgetting to tell you about the disco. It was OK, if you like looking after jackets and other gear, while girls dance and fool around. Time went quickly and I made the most of the supper. Chocolate and chips are good company!
Thanks for all your lovely comments. Internet was down all day yesterday so no blog. Talk about feeling lost!!


Country Nanny said...

I also think It's beautiful having the house sourrounded by kid's art! I'm a nanny and I have all the squiggles, the letters, the drawing "my Children" gave to me! I keep them as precious gift because they are a part of them, a glimpse of their soul.
Hugs, Elisa

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Love the artwork, and how clever to have your own hallway gallery!!!!
♥ Teresa

Lululiz said...

The painting is gorgeous, she is quite the artist, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

Wow ! I love the painting so much, it's so beautiful!!!It really must be framed I think.
Congratulations to the little artist!!
You've bought really nice stuff, I love the colour of the threads ,I hope they'll be good.
In Hungary school finished till September, so my boy is at home a bit embarrassed with so much free time he has got now....It's always like that, but later on he 'll find out what to do...
lots of love:Manka

Stephanie said...

Your 10-year old is a budding artist with a great sense of color. Red and aqua are so very popular. I love framed children's art. And I love tha lovely pile of ribbon and gingham.