Thursday, 25 June 2009

25 Grannies Meeting

I have done it!!! Look, I've joined all 25 little grannies together. Finally, you say. It was so much fun and not too bad either. I noticed a couple of little errors in my grannies, but nothing I couldn't handle. No one will notice either, I'm sure.

This photo shows just the cross ways stitching, or crocheting really, it's actually starting to look completed already at this point.

And now I have joined the squares in both directions, just need to finish those ends off.

Ta da!! The finished product, well this stage anyway. I think my intersections aren't too bad either. OK, to be quite honest, there was quite a bit of self-praising last night. You know the sort, "Man, I am sooo clever!" My darling husband had a few nice words, but I could see he wasn't quite as excited as me.

Well, I guess the next step, is learning how to make a pretty edge around it. I want a lovely rounded lace look in the dark pink. I'm sure I will find someone to show me on line. It's just so much easier having these things at my finger tips, instead of having to go searching through old library books.

Speaking of books. I bought a few books online yesterday. It's all rather exciting as I hardly ever buy books. Well what did I order? Material Obsession, Jelly Roll Quilts and Sew and Stow. The last one was so cheap and the cover looked so have to haveish. You know the sort!

I'm off to finish the vacuuming of our bedroom. I can hear my husband's delight already! Then the big girls are off to have haircuts. The eldest one is starting to loose her face under her thick dark hair. I've been pushed into doing something about it as she is singing on stage next week with the school choir. She must look presentable!

Well I hope you have a good evening/day where ever you are. Hope you have time for something nice, that you enjoy.


Michela said...

Hello Sarah!
I love the colours of your new craft!
May I propose you to have some fun and let people know you better?
(It seems to be a chain letter...)
I'm asking you to name 6 uninmportant things that you love in a post.
The rules are:
Pick 6 uninmportant things you love, mention & link to the person who tagged you, tag 6 of your favourite bloggers to play along (don't forget to comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged!).
I hope you will join in and like it!
Have a nice day!


Lululiz said...

FAB, fab, fab, I just love those icecream colours! And its all so neat! And you are right, can't spot any of the little errors, except maybe for that one there, or that one, hhmmm, is that another one in the corner there? Teeeheeeee, gotcha. No really, can't see anything wrong at all. You've done a great job, give yourself a pat on the back.

Michela said...

It's ok Sarah, thank you for your kind reply.

Country Nanny said...

Oh Sarah, it's fab. Well done! With the edge is gonna be mega-fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

You really are sooo clever! Great job!

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

That is seriously impressive ... I just saw an ad at our local craft store for crochet lessons and after seeing this, I am thinking about it!!

jeanette said...

Hi...I like your blog! And those grannies looks great! Such yummy colors...

Rose&Bird said...

Lovely colours! I have the Jelly Roll Quilts book - it's very pretty and lots of ideas, but I don't think I'd ever have enough time to do one!

Lace hearts said...

What lovely crochet - I really like what you've made there. I love to crochet.
hope the hoovering went just as well!

kwiltmakr said...

Your Grannies look good and I like the colors. I made one for my daughter, before she was born. It was a variegated white with pastel colors for the centers. My Mom put it all together for me and I finished it off the night before my daughter was born....