Thursday, 29 April 2010

Gifts Galore

Just look at this beautiful pin cushion that was sent to me.  This is what I received from the Pin Cushion Swap Kate organised.  My surprise swap partner turned out to be Kawthar who has a delightful blog you really must visit sometime.

Look at the postage writing.  It looks Arabic or similar.  I'm pretty sure it's come all the way from Saudi Arabia.  Golly, no wonder it took so long to reach me!

The edges of the pin cushion are hand croched ricrac and the button is covered in gingham and then a crochet flower.  It's just the sweetest button in the world, I'm quite sure it is.  I was absolutely thrilled when I opened it.  Who wouldn't be?

But that wasn't all!  No, she very generously croched a gift for each of our four girls as well.  Can you imagine how long she must have spent on this little heart?  It's actually two hearts that are stitched together with an opening at the top.  Daughter No.1 is getting this lovely surprise when she arrives home from school.  She'll be over the moon.

And some very fancy stitching here.  No.4 has agreed to have the large flower stitched onto a top for the winter.  I think it will look fabulous.  The star and the beads may end up as a book mark for No.2.  She's a pink girl so will love it.  And the cutest little purse has been claimed by No.3.  Her favourite colours are pink and yellow.  Kawthar thank you very much for all the wonderful presents, we all really appreciate how many hours they must have taken you to make.

It seems it's a week for parcels in our box.  Yes I won two prizes a while ago!  This one is from Patch, a newly opened online shop.  Thank you very much Claire, I just love all the pretty ric racs, especially the soft velvet ones.  I didn't know I was going to receive quite so many bundles!  Oh the things I'll be able to decorate with them.

The second prize was for naming Clare's sewing machine!  Mabel it is.  Not sure where I pulled that one from, but I'm delighted to now have one of her wonderful patterns.  I think a sewing machine apron sounds like a very good idea.  She also very kindly sent me some big white ric rac.  There's a bit of a theme going on here isn't there?  The three parcels all have ric rac in them.  I wonder if they all know just how much I love the stuff?  Anyway thank you very much Clare, it was a very wonderful prize to receive.

Now I'll finish up with a present I've had for quite some time now.  I feel very bad for not showing you earlier but I just kept forgetting to photograph these lovely items.  Dear Lorraine gave these to  me when she was visiting from the UK several weeks ago.  She knew how much I wanted a pair of pinking shears and found some pre-loved ones at a fair.  How kind of her.  The work perfectly too.

And just look at this pretty pincushion and needle book she made for me.  The fabric is so beautiful and it's extremely well made.  What a clever and very generous lady you are Lorraine.  With everything you had to do before you left home you still managed to make gifts for me, thank you very much.  It's was so lovely to meet you and Jus as well. 

Now my darlings, I must now go out into the sunshine and pull weeds and plant new vegetables and flowers.  It's one of those absolutely beautiful Autumn days where you are drawn to the garden.  I'll be sure to take photos.  Until then, happy stitching! 

Monday, 26 April 2010

All Paired Up

Well No.2 and I have had a very busy morning sorting out all the swap partners.  She's off school today with a tummy bug, but I have to say she's been such a great help explaining to her hopeless mother how to do all the copying and pasting etc.  We got there as a team and are feeling quite proud of ourselves.  Now we wait with baited breath to see if the emails have arrived safely.  Fingers crossed! xx 

Some of you may think it's a co-incidence that your name is similar to your swap partner's.  Mmmm, I left my dear hubby in charge of pairing you up!  He is very orderly and put you all into alphabetical order!  Amazingly most of the list matched up with a person from another country beautifully.  There are a few that I shuffled to get a better mix. 

If you have not received an email from me today, and these blogs in the photo below are not yours, please contact me and I will resend an email to you.  If however, one of these blogs in the photo below belongs to you, please let me know as well as I've not heard from you, except to say that you want to join the swap. 

I am now officially closing this swap.  Sorry if you came here a little too late.  I'm sure I'll be doing another swap sometime later on.  It's been quite good fun seeing all the emails arrive in my inbox every morning.  Makes a nice change really!  I've also enjoyed having little chats with some of you too.  Thank you for all your lovely emails, it's made the job so pleasant.

Well, can anyone guess what I'm going to be doing now?  You guessed it - playing Scrabble!!  Have fun with your swap partner and go and create.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Last Chance for Apron Swap!

Today is the last day for joining in...

Only ten hours left to sign up.  So far I have 69 lovely ladies all ready and waiting for their swap partner to be revealed.  I will try my hardest to get this info to you in the next day or two.  If you haven't received an email from me please let me know ASAP.  I am still waiting for addresses from a few people.  After you receive your partner, please email them and introduce yourself. 

There is a lot of fun to be had in making an apron for someone else.  There are so many lovely styles to choose from and then what colour do you pick?  Perhaps you'll want to discuss this with your partner or maybe you'll agree to surprise each other.  A surprise apron could be quite a laugh! 

If you are like me and have heaps of pretty fabrics, you'll be able to get started straight away.  It's always good to start when you are still feeling keen and excited.  It's not meant to be a drag, so try not to leave it to the last minute.  Have a look around your partner's blog for ideas.  Aprons aren't just good for in the kitchen either.  Some people like to wear them whilst cleaning, gardening or bathing babies, so the ideas are endless.

The trims are usually my favourite part.  They seem to transform an outfit instantly and you just can't have enough of them - only my opinion of course.  Applique is also great for jazzing up a plain fabric.

If you haven't signed up yet but are tempted to, please email me your address right away.  You'll find the details of the swap by clicking on the apron swap button on my right sidebar.  Oooh it's getting very exciting now!! 

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Things I Love at Present...

My buttons, although there's nothing special about these ones.  I have them in this dish on the side board and the girls dip their hands into it and scoop and play with them.  I think they like buttons too!

My side board, because it's the only piece of my home that is clean and tidy.  I like the colours on it as well.  Very Autumnal don't you think?  Those apples will all be gone in a few days by the way.  That's the trouble with having six people to feed.  Lucky for me they only cost $2 for the lot of them.

Floral fabrics.  These are destined to become dresses for my littlest cupcake.  The one on the left is old and came via my Grandmother.  She loves it which is good.  It's a really soft cotton so should be lovely to wear.  The bright ones are new and should add a bit of zing to Winter. Please note that not one of them features paisley.

Now I'm wondering if perhaps Liz has popped on over from England for a cuppa... I know she has a granny trolley.  It certainly doesn't belong to us.  Now I'm calculating that I have precisely 3.5 hours until I get a jolly good blasting from her royal highness!!

I'm outta here!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Autumn Leaves

There's still time to join in the fun.  Some people are still having trouble with the email button.  I really don't know what the problem is as it works for me.  Anyway if you can't get it to work, just leave me a comment and I will visit you at your blog where I will leave you a comment, which will have my email addy on it.  Did you understand any of that?!!  Basically I will find you.  And if you still haven't sent me your details please do, as I'd like to partner people up as soon as I can after this date.

The kindy run was very fun for the littlest one today.  The leaves were everywhere and great fun to play in.  We were just dropping off No.3.  This little girl gets to start kindy in three weeks.  The very same day as her bigger sister starts school.  Great timing or what?

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.  But this year I've been in denial about it.  I don't want the cold mornings.  I don't want washing hanging all over the place trying to dry.  I want the sunny days back that I'm starting to miss already.

But the leaves on the trees are so beautiful.  Even the green oak leaves are pretty. The acorns are falling all over the place which are so much fun for littlies to pick up.

These amazing oak trees are from about the1850's.  They are on the church grounds where our playgroup meets. Imagine having something that old?

And what about these two?!!  The little girls decided they were a mummy piggy-backing her baby.  And aren't they soooo cute Mummy?

But this tree is my favourite each year.  It's just across the park from us, so I get to enjoy it every day.

The colours of the leaves are so multi-coloured.  The blue sky behind it is a wonderful sight too. 

Well now, I really must go and pick up No.3 from her very first school visit.  It's so exciting when you actually wear your new uniform to school.  I'm sure she's had a fabulous time.  Until next time, have fun!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Little Sweeties

There's something very beautiful and special about little girls. I'm so lucky to have four of them.  Well some of them aren't quite so little these days.  Hand holding in public is finally out with Daughter No.1.  I guess nearly eleven years of it is pretty good.  So I must have another eight years of it left - here's hoping anyway.

I just love making clothes for my little girls.  This is another top from my op shop pattern.  I really enjoy making these tops and they look so pretty on.  I bought this fabric last summer and never got around to using it.  Paisley once again! 

Plaits are also one of my little girl loves.  Can't say I'm too excited about them after doing three heads in one session.  But these little ones were pretty quick.  Did you spot yet another crochet flower?  She loves them too.  Today she fell over in her top and was quite devestated about the mess the dirt had made.  After a bit she cheerily said "but the flower is still clean Mummy." 

Goodness, I've just received the big phone call.  You know, the kindy one.  She could have started tomorrow but I just couldn't handle the running around with a morning and an afternoon session to deal with.  So she starts the same day as her bigger sister starts school.  Sounds pretty perfect to me.

You know what that will mean don't you?  Three afternoons a week to myself.  Well, once she's settled that is.  Oh the things I will do.  I could go to Spotlight on my own.  I could visit the library by myself.  I could have my hair cut.  I could just be.  I'm quite sure I won't get bored that's for sure.

How are you anyway?  Things ticking away nicely for you?  Been making anything nice?  I'd love to hear.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Packaging Problems

The Great Apron Swap 2010 continues.  I've had so many lovely emails from people wishing to join in the fun.  It's great to 'meet' so many more new faces.  I've had a couple of ladies saying they couldn't get the email in my profile to work.  If you are having trouble, just leave a message here, and I will get back to you.  I would hate anyone to miss out because of technology.  Oh and if you haven't emailed me with your details yet, please do.

So far we have 46 participants and the number is steadily growing.  It's open until the 25th April, by which time I'll probably be wondering what on earth I've got myself into!!

Lunch today.  I found a cheap and easy gluten free meal at the supermarket last Friday.  After heating it in the microwave (worrying about what the plastic was made from and if it alone would kill me) I poured it into my plate.  Goodness, it sure smelt very spicy, but that wasn't my biggest issue.  Just look at the packaging...

And now, what it looked like on my plate...  Are you seeing any resemblance?  Saffron?  Where?  I thought saffron was bright yellow.  And the peas?  Brown balls more like.  Very disappointing indeed.  And no I didn't eat it, it was horrid.

But if honest packaging is important, what does my packaging say about me??  Oh dear.

Is there a glamorous way to patch jeans?  Not that I'm glam or anything, I just don't want to look like my three year old.  Crochet patches may be OK for her, but for me??  Any ideas will be gratefully recieved.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

An Award for Creativity

Oh ladies you are doing me proud!  You really are.  Not only is my swap going well with loads of people joining in the apron fun, but I have just posted my 200th post.  And if that isn't enough, since installing the followers button a couple of weeks ago I have now topped 100 followers!  How jolly exciting.

Now I have been given a Kreativ Blogger Award, by Anjie at Pop Pom Emporium. I have to name seven creative things I have done. I think I will show you seven creative projects I've worked on during the school holidays.  If you would like this award for yourself, please take one with you.  You'll find it in my side bar.

First up we have my 51 finished Grannies... 

A little pile of crochet flowers...

Some new beginnings of Grannies...

Very nicely sorted ribbons, braids and laces...

No.2's tapestry has been turned into a lavender bag...

I helped No.2 make this wonderful pincushion, and then she gifted it to me...

I had fun patternmaking some teddy clothes patterns for the girls to sew clothes...

That's about as good as it gets over the holidays I'm afraid.  Yes I do count putting the ribbons on card as creative.  I do because it took jolly ages to do and my thumb was so rubbed raw from the ribbons passing along it.

My girls are back to school and kindy on Monday.  I'll miss them being around but I guess it would be good to get this house under control again.  Well until they get home at three anyway.  Oh OK, I know I'm kidding myself here!  Our house is never under control.  Right now we have three bedrooms out of order with renovations and are living with stuff all over the place.  Our bed is in the lounge, I have a train set at the end of it, nine doors stacked up against the wall, chests of drawers as you come in the front door, plumbing bits surrounding the dining table, and horrid little piles of stuff in every available bit of space. Still I can cope with this.  I will create instead of clean.  OK no change there really. 

If you would like to join in The Great Apron Swap 2010, please go to the post below.  There you will find all you need to know.  I'd love to have you join!

For now I must go and find No.3 an activity.  Have a great day!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Great Apron Swap of 2010!!!

Come one, come all, to The Great Apron Swap of 2010
(That's twenty ten, so we all sound hip and modern)
Please use this photo below as your blog button if you fancy joining in.  And why wouldn't you?

I found this marvelous book at the library this morning.  Seems those lovely library ladies have been a spending lately on quality books for a change.  Go library ladies!

I've found some very inspiring pics to tempt you into joining up.  Who knows, you just might end up with a lovely pinny like this.  I just have to tell you what the write up says: A charming full apron with a flurry of frills, which twists provacatively arund to the small of the back!  Then there is talk of passion and spontaneity!! 

My goodness will someone please make me one of these. Life in the kitchen would never be the same again.  Goodness I'm getting all hot just thinking about it.  Dearie me.

Or how about a cute little applique teapot?  Spot the gingham bits?

Maybe you have a box full of ribbons and braid?

Or perhaps embroidery is your thing?  Cross stitch on gingham is what my Great Grandmother used to do. 

Or perhaps you could use up some of those pretty doilies or cloths?  These flowers are just perfect for pockets.

So who's in?  If you would like to join me in spreading the love in the kitchen, there are just a few little roley poley rules you need to follow:

  1. You must make, or buy and decorate one apron.  Half or full, you might like to ask your partner which they prefer.  Also check what size to make.
  2. You absolutely have to follow through on this, I don't want anybody feeling devastated over a lack of apron.
  3. Be creative.  Add frills, crochet flowers, buttons, ribbons, applique, patchwork etc.
  4. You need to send me an email with your name, postal address and email address on it.  You'll find my email addy on my profile.
  5. You don't have to have a blog to join in, but it would be lovely if those without a blog could email me a photo of your apron so all can see.  I'm not up with those fancy flicker photo whatnots that others seem to have.  Sorry, technology is not my thing.
  6. You have four weeks to complete your apron and send it off to your partner.  Let's say 30 May.
  7. Please don't send any extras, it's more fair and even this way.
I hope that's all I need to say.  You're probably wondering when the list would ever end.  Hopefully this turns into a lovely swap and friends are made over an apron and a cuppa tea.

I'll leave you to ponder your decision.  Yes is the answer by the way!  Grab your blog button and link to this post please.  Sign ups close on Sunday 25th April at midnight.  Hang on, I'm not staying up that late!  Make it that time approximately.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Speaking of Grannies...

Lululiz, eat your heart out!

Just look what a busy bee I've been.  Most evenings you will find me crocheting my little grannies.  I do love it.  Crochet I mean.  Even though I've been only using white wool for the past two weeks or so, I still love it. 
Even though I still need to make another, goodness knows how many more. It's OK.  I can do it.  This is my autumn/winter project.  I need the fun to last for quite a while longer. 

I've finished 51 grannies so far.  The girls very helpfully laid them all out this morning for a photo.  We all have our favourite granny.  Well that came out badly didn't it?!!  Sounds like we are favouring one relative over another!

Hey, thanks for all your wonderful happy blog birthday wishes.  It's so much fun having a birthday isn't it?  A celebration idea happened upon me in the shower this morning.  It was somewhere between the shampoo wash and the conditioner I think.  I'll have to spend some time thinking some more and planning before I can tell you about it.  I'm feeling a little bit cheeky too, so you won't get any more info squeezed out of me.

We are having a lovely home day today.  Well except the part when Great Gran takes us out to McDonalds for lunch.  Oh and the part when we all rock up to the paint shop with a long list and high hopes of getting another of those tins of jelly beans!!

Have a wonderful day!  Or a relaxing evening.  Or a great night out if you are that way inclined.  See you again when I've sorted my surprise out.  And thank you so much Stephanie for giving me that first comment on my very first posting.  It's like it was my first comment all over again.