Thursday, 23 April 2009

Homely Crafts

Isn't this a cute sight? Little no. 4's chubby little hands holding a bowl of freshly picked beans. I really enjoy the holidays. I'm not good with timetables and schedules, having to be somewhere at a certain time. You can count on me always being on time though. I just like to be able to choose when I do things. Our girls are mostly home bodies so I'm not expected to entertain them with outings and activities everyday.

Usually the holidays go something like this: the first week they get sick and grotty, the second week they are used to playing together again and it's all rather lovely, we go on one or two outings and maybe a shopping session or two, and we enjoy the odd catch up with friends. We are on week two now and school is looming like a big black cloud. I always feel sorry for them having to leave the nest once again. Our 2nd daughter loves being at home and would really rather miss school altogether. The 1st one can't wait to get back and see all her friends, a real social girl.

Anyway, getting on with it, we had a very leisurely morning at home. I do enjoy staying at home when I have a project nearing completion. I would have loved to finish it last night, but it was getting a little too late. Daughter no. 2 spent a good part of the morning baking a chocolate cake. She cleans up fairly well too so that's always a bonus. Not sure where she got this love for cooking from? Must have been passed from a Nana, certainly not me. You will never see a receipe on this blog, never!

The cake will be enjoyed at Gran's later this afternoon. I might take her some homemade soup too. Yes, I actually made some last night. I just kept throwing veges into the crockpot, few slices of bacon and Bob's your auntie - it made itself. Now that was not a receipe, I repeat, not a receipe!!!

Have you seen such a scary sight? 8 metres of bias binding knowing it all has to be stitched on!!! Very boring job that was but so pretty in red gingham so that kept me going. Unfortunately my poor husband and my timetable clashed. I always end up with straight noisy seams to sew on a Wednesday evening. The only programme he watches just happens to be on a Wed night. We compromised, he turned the TV up louder and I stitched slightly slower.

So here I was this morning at the sewing machine at 7am sewing on bias binding. My very independent girls found food to eat and things to entertain themselves with. Finally, somewhere towards 9am, I finished the duvet, still in my pink gingham PJ's! Well at least I looked stylish. OK maybe the hair could have looked better!!

I decided on ties at the bottom of the cover as I had binding left over. I'm sure I will live to regret this decision when I am crouched down every evening retying them because dear daughter no. 4 thinks untying them is good fun. I haven't shown them to her yet. She is not particularly happy about the change in bed linen. At least she didn't say "I don't like it" which is a favourite saying presently. I'm not sure how I would have handled those words after sewing on 8m of bias binding. Not too well I should think.

After remaking the bed and sorting the pillows I have come to the realisation that one fancy pillow just won't do. We need another normal size pillow case made and a small circular one at the front. I'm thinking the red and white polka dot for the round one and maybe the red floral for the pillow. Anyone out there got any suggestions? I will have to buy more fabric anyway. Golly isn't the wallpaper just awful?!!! She obviously thinks so too as there is a strip torn off by her pillow. Don't blame her at all.

I have a small confession to make in regards to this project. Naughty me! I still haven't sewn any button holes on the pillow case. They kind of scare me a bit, so easy to get wrong and so annoying to unpick. I must do them today though or they probably won't get done.

Thank you to everyone who left me a comment on yesterday's blog page. It's so nice to know there are people out there. My husband has added a couple of new gadgets to my blog. It's quite lovely to see new flags arriving. I think he is enjoying this blogging thing as much as me. He is very analytical so these things amuse him. That's fine with me, I'm happy and so is he! Hopefully you all are as well. See you tomorrow!


Hazel said...

GOSH - that duvet cover is AMAZING! You clever thing! You never cease to amaze! I can testify that those beans were as yummy as they look! Well done hon! x

tkhnelson said...

I just can't imagine the looks on my kids face if I sat down at the sewing machine and left them to get brekkie - well trained. Can I have the manual?

Doolallysally said...

Hi Sarah lovely to meet you and thanks for dropping by at mine, you're very welcome. I love the gingham binding I wonder whether I could find some locally; being true to your blogname as well. I shall be back soon to read through some more! Bye for now. Love Salx

Stacey said...

Oh my goodness you're amazing. I can't believe you made your own duvet cover! Working on something that big would scare me. Your blog looks fantastic. You've turned into a real avid blogger haven't you - addicted I'd say.