Friday, 23 September 2011

Calling International Bloggers!

The girls have just signed up for a marvelous swap organised by the very lovely Megan from Mousehouse.  If you have any interest in the Rugby World Cup, or even if you just love to receive lovely parcels, pop on over and sign yourselves up.  Even if you don't have any children I'm sure it wouldn't matter.  RWC countries are scattered all over the world and a parcel from any one of these countries would be fantastic.

Megan is going to try and match up people from different countries so it's international.  We have been asked to send items that represent our country eg. sweets, kiwi related items, stickers, magnets, colouring pages, postcards, stamps, anything with a New Zealand theme.  You, international bloggers, would send us items that represent your special country.

This is a great way to include your children in a swap and help them to learn about another country in a very fun way.

Now off you go and sign up!  Work to be done around here now.  Have a super duper day today/or tomorrow for all you lovelies over the other side of the world.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What's Been Happening?

Well quite a lot really I guess, although some days I wonder where the day went.  We have had quite a few outings of late which we have really enjoyed.  When you home school you are able to go and experience real life quite a bit more than when you go to school, and it's great.  I love it!  We love it!

You probably know that we, New Zealand, are currently hosting the Rugby World Cup.  Well sport in general has no interest to me what-so-ever.  But I must confess to having watched a couple of the games, and yes I have enjoyed them and even got a bit excited.  Yes really!  They are quite gripping sometimes, and rather frustrating at other times. 

Well we simply couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit a Pacific show in the 'Cloud', as they call it.  Auckland city is not a place you just visit for fun.  The city, until recently, has been a place where some people go to work, university or something similar. 

As a host city we have to step up and look the part, and my goodness have there been some fantastic changes for our boring city.  I love the new look and hope to spend many a lovely day here taking it all in.

Quite picturesque wouldn't you say?

Love the stripes that lead the way from the water front to the stadium.  We didn't fancy the 4km walk there.

On to other things.  Polish paper cutting anyone?  Such fun!  (Anyone else adore the TV programme Miranda?)  Can you imagine cutting these out with sheep shearing scissors?  They truly did!  Luckily we were given your standard paper scissors, moving with the times and all.

No.3 has taken up knitting.  She looks like a real granny I can tell you, and has a very unique style too.  It's quite difficult to fix up her mistakes as knitting isn't my thing at all.  Still with a little help from a real Nana she managed to finish a blanket for her favourite tiger.

And lookie lookie!  Spring has arrived down here.  So exciting and the weather has been super indeed.  Well not this week at all actually, but we won't talk about such things.  No we won't.  We'll pretend it still looks like this pretty photo.

Check out those white pins!  Check out the grass while you are at it.

Yes finally we have grass at our house.  At last the girls say.  Their dream is to be doing cartwheels by Christmas.  The poor man is still suffering from laying it all in one day and that included a layer of topsoil as well.  A full day's work that's for sure, but splendid it is. 

This week we have two little sickies and perhaps another on the way.  Some horrid vomiting bug that has left the little girls lifeless and very quiet.  The older two were astounded that one small child could sleep all day, then all night, then all the next morning.  After a car ride, some sushi,  the chocolate sauce off a sundae and some lollies, she perked up a treat.  Let's hope it's all up for them now.

Right I'm off to check on the suspected sickie.  She's our nurse so it's not good!  Oh dear and it's our skiing day tomorrow too.  Indoor skiing that is.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

I Have a Soft Spot for Tea Towels

Please excuse my sideways photos, but the dear man removed my favourite photo software and now I have no way of working with my photos.  He was just trying to clean out the computer to make room for all my crap lovely workings, so I can't be cross really.

Anyway things have been mighty busy these days as you can imagine with four girls all at home every day now.  Oh my goodness they can fight, squabble and TALK!!  Honestly if they don't improve soon I think I may just explode.  Yes there will be bits of me all over the show, I can tell you. 

Now I was offered the chance to pick a couple of very nice tea towels from a very nice lady called Al, who has an online shop called All Tea Towels.  Well of course I thought very seriously about this, as advertising isn't something I usually partake in.  Anyway the thought of two new FREE tea towels was just too much for little old me and I straight away ordered two very smart towels indeed from the World theme page.  So here we have my choices:


Well I couldn't very well just put up a couple of photos of tea towels for you, no I could not.  I thought, what would my dear people think of that?  So I went the extra mile and whipped up an apron for my sweet daughter No.2 (At 8am I might add). This cherry print is just perfect for working in the kitchen.  I love the birds, flowers and the bright colours.  The tea towels are super thick cotton and great quality, so I imagine this apron will last a great many years to come. 

Check out the cheeky neighbour's cat!!  Honestly you would think she lived with us they way she behaves. 

Anyway this apron took about ten minutes to make with a bit of binding starting from one side, around the neck to the other side, where it is secured with velcro.  Seriously you should pop on over to Al's shop and purchase a few fab little tea towels and make a few aprons for Chrissy pressies.  Oh yes, you know that time is coming fast!  And the very best bit is the free shipping for the UK, one pound in Europe, and just two pounds per towel for the rest of the world.

Thanks so much for the wonderful tea towels Al!  I love them so much and look forward to making another apron with the French tea towel.   Once again, huge apologies for the sideways photos!

I shall be back with my goings on at some point - I can only hope! Hope you are all well and having a wonderful week.  The first day of Spring is here today and the sun is shining brightly.  Love to you all xx