Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Not Cross Patches

We really have had a very busy weekend. Of course it started with the outing to Cambridge, posted below somewhere. Lucky for us we had a three day weekend due to the Queen having her birthday and also my father-in-law on the same day. (I don't think his birthday had anything to do with the day off though!) So, Happy Birthday to the Queen and to Grandad! Hip Horray!!!

We were a busy bunch, building block towers, baking biscuits, riding bikes, tidying the playhouse, spending time outdoors while we could, and basically having a lovely 'at home' sort of time.

I was hanging up the washing on Sunday morning, and when I had finished doing so, I leaned my head around the corner and took a look at the vegetable garden. Mmmm, it really could do with a bit of work, I thought. So, on with the gloves, and out with the de-headed stalks and the weeds. I filled most of the very large wheelie bin we have. Hopefully it will sink down soon so we have room for the rubbish. See the photo of my hands? They really are green aren't they?!! Not to mention dry, crackly and ancient looking!

Now for the exciting part of the weekend for me. I started a new project on Thursday and I was very keen to get going on it. It was supposed to be a very slow work in progress. I'm not good at stopping after five minutes I discovered, and I've gone from taking 84 days to do complete the first stage, to having half of it done in a few days!!

You must be wondering what the heck I'm talking about! Blithering on like this instead of getting to the point. OK, you win! I'm making a... Family Memories Quilt! There, I said it. I'm so excited as I usually don't have the patience for this sort of craft. And here I am half way through it!! Unbelievable.

See I've sewn 40 squares, of nine square patches. Pretty aren't they? The little squares are all cut by hand, individually, the old fashioned way!! Only 'cause I don't have the fancy cutting blades and mat. It's actually quite enjoyable anyway.

It's great fun placing them all out in different colour combinations. Daughter No. 2 had a ball with them. She also enjoyed passing me piles of cut squares to sew together too. One pile of 5, another of 4. She loves picking what two colours to put together. Saves me the worry of deciding.

I've let the whole family choose their favourite colour combination, they had fun seeing their choice's come together. Some were better than others, but it doesn't really matter when it's all done. Although in saying that, I have rejected two patches that I just wasn't happy with. The deep burgundy is just too much! I've never liked that colour either, so really not bothered.

All the fabrics used, are ones I've had for years and sewn things for the girls with, or ones I have recently purchased. None have been bought especially for the quilt.

Here it is in a different layout.

These are a few patches coming along nicely. I sew the little squares in threes, then take them to the iron before starting on the next joining stage. Keeps them accurate and neat.

Well, you know where I'll be this afternoon don't you? Yes, at the machine for a wee while. So much for a patch a day!! Oh the quilt, when finished, will belong on Daughter No. 3's bed. She's very happy with it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah ! What a huge project! It's really gorgeous ,I love it.

Lululiz said...

A family memory quilt, what a wonderful idea! You have some really pretty fabrics there as well, I spy roses and other florals, and gingham of course. A true labour of love.

Floss said...

That is really superb. The patchwork cushions I made while my mum was in hospital last summer have a similar idea of 'memories' - I found myself deliberately using a lot of the fabrics she gave me, plus ones our boys had worn.

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

HI!! Head on over to my blog to pick up an award!!! Well deserved!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah- I love your blog. Your frequent posts are an inspiration! I have a box of fabric from when I used to sew for my girls in the 80s---this sweet patchwork is making me think I should make quilts with them for Christmas this year. Thanks for the great idea. :-)