Thursday, 1 October 2009

A Challenge Of The Utmost Kind

Hi everyone, I'm back. I've managed to book a spot on the computer to do a blog today. No just joking really. The girls only get the odd session on here. I prefer them to play real games than waste time like their mother!!! Most of what I do is research really though, isn't it?

This challenge I've signed up for is an interesting one. I'm sure some of you think I've gone nuts, but really, I haven't. No, not at all. You see it's all about not buying commercial stuff we really don't need. We don't have heaps of stuff, in fact we are really lacking in the furniture area. But we get by and there is plenty of room for the girls to do cartwheels in the big lounge this way.

Not it's all about making clothes, gifts, home items, growing food and food preserving. Kind of like the old way of living, but with the luxuries.

There will be mending and altering... I will make more clothes for the girls and me. I will still buy myself a pair of shoes for the summer and winter seasons. I won't be buying anything to wear for me though. I'm looking forward to having some clothes I've made myself.
Making use of the fabrics I already have... but I can still buy sewing items when necessary, even fabrics. But only for a particular project, not willy nilly purchasing!!

Making gifts for family, friends and each other as well... I will not buy any presents for other people. There are plenty of things I can make. I can still buy flowers and anything handcrafted is OK too. And the girls will still have things they need bought for them.

The idea is that I challenge myself to make do and create new. There will definitely be more coins in the jar as well after a year.
Should put a smile on their faces!
So to sum it up. Things I can buy: secondhand, handcrafted, shoes, underwear, sewing needs, plants, supermarket items, essentials for the girls and husband. I think that's it. Doesn't freek me out at all. I'm so busy with sewing and the girls these days that there isn't much time for the shops anyway.
I'm looking forward to seeing how the others manage the challenge as well. We will be able to share experiences and ways of doing things. Good luck to all of you who have taken up the challenge. It's not too late to join in either. Just click on dottie angel's picture in my sidebar and it will take you right there.


Pomona said...

I think your list is very similar to mine - it's distinguishing between what I really need for sewing and knitting and what is merely adding to an already copious stash! And staying away from the shops is a good start - it helps that I live out in the country so there isn't temptation at my door!

Pomona x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Sarah!
It's good to read more about how you plan to tackle the challenge. I love that there are so many of us taking part and there will be a huge range of tips and ideas to explore. I have to say, we're nearing the end of week 2 and not much has changed for me! Like you I rarely go shopping, and if I do I am happy to window shop and use it as an opportunity to get ideas. Today I have some time all to myself, so I shall soon be playing with my stash and making something for the Autumn wardrobe!
Have a lovely weekend if I don't stop by here in the next few days!
Denise x

Serenata said...

Hi Sarah,

So glad you have joined us, it is going to be a supportive and exciting year I can see.

Hope you had a lovely day!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Hi Sarah,
I am a 'co-challenger', with you! Just came by to wish you all the best, and have a wonderful time handcrafting and thrifting for a year!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Hi Sarah,
I am a 'co-challenger', with you! Just came by to wish you all the best, and have a wonderful time handcrafting and thrifting for a year!

Floss said...

'Make do and create new'! I like it! Thanks for talking us through your approach - I think it's going to be an exciting year!

sallgood said...

Our vacation was a splurge, and we are now on a spending freeze! (Our rules: 1)Only essentials like charitable giving, 2)use up what we have in the freezer and pantry, and 3)only free entertainment, like going for walks or watching one of our old movies on DVD.)I love finding good deals on second hand, but even that can be unnecessary spending! So, see rule #1! PS. Love your Make do and create new motto!

juanitatortilla said...

Thank you for pointing us to Dottie Angel's "Challenge of the utmost kind". That sounds pretty much my way of life, so, I'm definitely in!

handmadehappiness said...

i love this i have a stash busting button but i find it hard to buy NO fabric's at all this on the other hand is more like me only buying for actual projects not just things i could make sometime in the future!!!!
is there a button or can i use your pic to post on my blog????
cheers Traci :)