Friday, 12 June 2009

Disco Queen

Oh joy of joys, it's bucketing down out there! And to make matters worse it's that damn disco tonight, so we will all get rather wet if it keeps up. Now I'm not too sure how I'm going to push a heavy pushchair, in the rain, with a tray of delicious cupcakes down the road to the school. I'm thinking I might have to call on Mother to help babysit while I go by myself. I would have taken them this morning when it was fine, but they wanted them after school, of course. Great!

Oh and what shall I wear to the ball?!! We aren't to wear stilettos unfortunately, so there goes that outfit. Maybe the little red frilly number? We'll see. Actually, with the temp falling rather quickly, I'm kind of wishing I'd finished those granny squares, they'd have made a fab skirt and kept my bottom warm at the same time.

Goodness, I must remember to put my name and phone number under my best $2 gingham tray, so I get it back! My life just wouldn't be the same without it.

What do you think of the cupcakes anyway? Pretty tasty aren't they with the chocolate on top? We made some mini ones too, for a morning tea with friends this morning. And some broken biscuits have taken on a new lease of life, with a lovely chocolate icing filling. Bet they aren't left in the tin now!

Sooooo, you ladies were quite impressed with my larder, as Liz likes to call it. I've nearly stopped laughing at that name. Makes me feel like a little old lady getting a bone out for my dog! Oh I do like English names for things. So quaint sometimes. My husband is an English lad, and he hates me making fun of some of his words. I just can't help myself!!

Anyway, since you were so easily impressed, and the fact that I have no sewing to show you, I thought I'd impress you some more. Isn't this shelf a pleasure? I don't even have to clean the shelf to photograph it either. Yes I know, world's tidiest housewife. Good little mumsie am I. Always cleaning. Everything in place. Never loose a thing. Yeah, right!!!!!!!!!

This is about the only organised part of my life. It's only like this because I got so sick of never being able to find where stuff was, and not knowing what I needed at the supermarket. This is all fairly new, this year at least. I swear by it, I really do. You too should do this. Saves so much space too.

Now look at my poor darling! Poor little thing, she developed these nasty spots last night. Hope she isn't too ill!

Oh dear, just been to see why Daughter No. 4 was so quiet!! Always a bad sign with her. My newly cleaned bathroom was a little wetter than when I left it. Lots of cups of water and a little wet girl. We've found her a new activity!

Well this afternoon I made my second ever pavlova. I had to beat it for 15 mins no less. It looks so good, but I forgot to photograph it before I put it in the oven. And the oven glass is so dirty you can't see it from the outside! It needs to sit there overnight to cook properly. The oven is off, it's just slowly cooking.

The first one was a disaster many years ago. Oven too hot and it burned. It's taken me a while to attempt it again. Wish me luck please!

Oh before I go, thank you so much for the two awards I received today Liz and Manka. How exciting for me! I feel honoured that you both thought of me. Thank you. I will pass Manka's one out to five people in the weekend. For now, I have a truckload of stuff to organise. Have a good weekend all!


Lululiz said...

Poor little me, having the micky taken just because of my Englishness, which is quite funny really, because I am German.

I might be going shopping today, for about a million plastic tubs. Humph. Unless my crochet hook gives me funny looks, because I have only done two half hexagons and I need at least a dozen more.

Lululiz said...

Darn, I forgot to say, don't forget about the tag (check my blog again in case you can't remember what it was all about) and blame Floss, but be a good girl and do it, lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! Wow what a collection of awards you've got! I hope you survived the disco...The cupcakes look delicious, keep some of them for me, please...
Well, those shelves!! I must do some cleaning here I think. Thank God you cannot see this mess through your PC!!
Well, I'm OK now,feeling much better.Today my husband took a day -off ,so I could leave with him Katika and went to town having a kind of "day- off " myself ,too.It seldom happens, but now I really needed it.I was walking, windowshopping and what's more I did some real shopping ,too - like ribbons,buttons,threads and so on,just little tnings. I enjoyed it very much.
Sorry I was that long.Have a very nice Saturday!I go now,have to prepare for the evening.

Floss said...

Well, we can't wait to find out how the disco went! I have a million well-sorted plastic containers in my cupboards too, but that's because we have dscovered a nasty little French moth that can get into almost any cereal-based product and lay its eggs, so that you discover web-spinning leggy maggots in your foodstuffs in a few months' time... That's enough to drive any housewife to manic tidying, I find!

kwiltmakr said...

Chocolate, looks good to me. I am a addicted to the stuff. Wow your cupboards are fantastic. Ye mother hubbards cupboard isn't bare after all! And not only that it is clean and neat too.

Floss said...

Sarah, if you'd like some Mother of Pearl buttons, I'd be happy to send you some! Email me your address if you're interested, but I won't be able to get back to you until I get home (Wednesday).