Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Bit More Advertising!

Too busy to do anything blog wise, but one can always find a bit of time for advertising oneself aye?!!  Anyway we have a new business, online of course.  That's how it's done these days right?  Oh cufflinks are the latest venture.  Such cute little accessories and something for everyone - those that wear them of course.  On The Cuff is the name.

Boy have things changed around this site.  I have to learn it all again.  No idea how to place text between pics but never mind.  Aren't those blue bubbles the cutest?  Please feel free to pop on by and if you want you can check us out on Facebook too!  I know!!  So techno savvy these days - not!!!

I do miss you all, really.  I often think and wonder what you are all up to.  Hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend.  Love Sarah xx

P.S. International buyers most welcome.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Shop Open for Business

My Felt Shop and a sample of what I'm selling...



OK so it's been a few years and I'm not really back, but I thought a bit of publicity wouldn't hurt.  Yes I have a shop and I may just try the Etsy thing at some stage too, could be more traffic flow there.  International buyers are most welcome to purchase, just leave me a message and I can find out postage prices for you.  Not sure about currency conversions?  I'm thinking Etsy may well be the way to go!

Thanks to you all,
Sarah xxx