Friday, 19 June 2009

Shhh, someone's sleeping!

My little girl is actually asleep for the first time in over two weeks!!! I can't believe it, it's going to be so much nicer around here this afternoon without a grouch. She is coughing a bit, but I hope she has a couple of hours.

Well look what greeted me at the postbox today!! Yes a parcel and a magazine, just in time for the weekend. Yes, both for little old me. I was rather excited to see the parcel because I knew what sort of things were lurking in there. Of course I was ready to rip into it, but it's always nicer to wait until you are able to enjoy the contents to the full, isn't it? Want to take a looksie? OK then, here goes...

Aren't they just fabulous?!!! They are all the way from England, from the lovely Liz. We decided on a little fabric swap after she saw my fruity ladies fabric. I'm going to use the fabrics she sent me to add to my Family Memories Quilt, as I've run out of different fabrics.

I needed some greens, reds and pinks and that's just what she sent. Clever lady, knew exactly what I needed.

Look at these very pretty fabrics down below. Don't you think they are lovely? I love that pinky purply floral one best of all I think.

Not nearly as exciting was the magazine. I'm not really enjoying it at all these days. Does anyone read a mag that they really look forward to receiving? Something with creative ideas is what I'm looking for. I love to see new ideas that interest me.

I do love this photo though. I've always thought about hanging my beads up like this. Of course I hardly have any, but it always seems a shame to hide them away after wearing them. And there are the ones that I don't wear, but like to look at anyway.

The rose at the top is also from my mag. I'm quite sure if any rose in my garden got that much frost on it, it would turn brown, not look even more beautiful. Still, I do love the colour of the rose. It looks like a candy frosted one, good enough to eat.

Well I've been googling this morning for ideas. I came across a blog with old postings that tickled my fancy. Nice simple ideas to make. I'm going to start one right now. Hope you all have a super duper weekend and make plenty of pretty things to show me next week. Until then, bye!!

P.S. Sleeping beauty is really sleeping, I am so happy!!!!!!!!!


Country Nanny said...

Hi Sarah! What a faboulous fabrics I can see!!! I love buying new fabrics, books, magazines, and patterns on line (I'm a sort of Becky Bloomwood...I love shopping). Everytime a parcel's just like Christmas day :)
Have a nice day, Elisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! It's a bit strange to see frosted roses when it's so hot outside here...Summer is really here now...
The fabrics are fab, my favourite is the 'pinky purply floral', too.
My son stopped sleeping in the afternoon at 2 , so be ready for everything....
Have a very very nice weekend !

Lululiz said...

Wow, the package got to you quickly! I am so glad it arrived safely and that you like the fabrics. I can't wait to see them in your quilt amongst all your other lovely fabrics. How exciting is that? I have a few bits of those fabrics left as well, so now everytime I see them, I will think of you and that lovely quilt.

Stephanie said...

Private swaps are so much fun! The roses looked as if they were dusted with powdered sugar. Very pretty photo.

Country Nanny said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting my site. Next time, you'll find the translator gadget on the top left of the page. Sometimes I forget tha Italian is not an international language such English is.
Lots of love and looking forward to hearing from you. Your blog is fantastic!

Floss said...

Lovely! I haven't ignored your email, but am just taking your kind advice not to reply until after my party (lots to do)! Hope you're ready to party (blog wise) this weekend!