Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Pav for Pud

I usually pick my photos before I start rambling about them, but today the camera battery needs recharging. I'll just have to try my best to imagine them there.

We had a little party for my mother in the weekend. Just a family affair but we ended up having it at our place instead of my aunt and uncle's. I had given the pavlova thing a go on Friday, remember? Well, I eagerly opened the oven on Saturday morning and would you believe it, it worked. It worked so well that I got a little bit excited and I think there was a bit of celebratory dancing. Bit embarrassing for the girls really, but I was soooo impressed with myself.

Pav and fruit salad for pudding. Very yummy!

I also made her a birthday cake. Good old cookie cutters to the rescue! It was a bit of a rush job really, as I hadn't planned on making one. It turned out just fine. Shame we can't say the same thing about the terrible photo!

We had a little game of pass the parcel to trick the girls into thinking it was a real party. It worked well. I received some orange and yellow cupcake wrappers, guess the secret of my obsession is getting out!

I had a very unproductive day yesterday. I hate the feeling you get after one of those days. It was a combination of not having any pink thread, not the right coloured fabrics and not having a new project to start.

Anyway I was determined to do something, so I ended up making these small bean bags for the girls. We use them in a song at music and the little girls really enjoy them. I love this fabric with the hens on it. Such lovely colours too. So, the bags only took a few mins each, but at least I made something!

I made something else too, in the evening, but I'm not telling yet. It's a secret!
I'll show and tell next week, I promise.

Well I'd better go and do the breakfast dishes now. It's nearly 3pm and we've been out since 8.20 this morning. Playgroup for starters, and then lunch at my parents. Well, now that "little miss, I don't sleep any more during the day" doesn't have to be home by 12, we have the whole day to amuse ourselves. I managed to escape by myself for a short while to buy a few lovelies at the emporium. I'll show you tomorrow! See you.


Anonymous said...

Your Pavlova looks just fantastic!I've never done it yet,but I'd like to ...The birthday cake is beautiful , does it taste as nice as it looks like ? I'm sure it does...
Well,I usually have time to watch Tv twice a week...So I'm not that bad....
Unfortunately we don't live in a cottage, we don't have that kind of buildings here in Hungary.(But we do have roses , even little ones,too...)You would call our house "bungalow" in English - it's a very typical building you can see in small villages here.Ours is a very nice ,old , traditional looking country building. It's a bit small, but I love it.We try to keep it in a traditional style . We have some traditional painted furniture as well - decorated with traditional Hungarian folk motives, You can see one of them in the picture with my little hens I made some time ago.Quite old fashioned, but we like traditional things very much.
until next time.Manka
Have a nice evenung!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

I was blog surfing and found your wonderful blog, so glad I did. I'm your newest follower, and love it! Your cake looks amazing as do all of your yummies!
Have a wonderful day!
♥ Teresa

Floss said...

Wow. It was a mistake to come over here just before lunch - now I'm starving! That pavlova really did come out well. We have had a bit of your rain here, too - I guess there's a lot of water to go round! Thanks for your greetings to my mum - I'll let her know people are thinking of her!

Lululiz said...

NOT FAIR! I have just come back from yet another town walk with a bunch of german kids, hot, tired, starving, and you put up pics of the most delicious looking pavlova and fruit salad, and a fabulous cake! I am drooling.

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

That is an amazing cake!!! I am still trying to master fondant, I am impressed!

kwiltmakr said...

Your pav looks delicious. I never heard of it before so I was annxious to see it. So glad you posted a photo of it. Is it a sweet thing or no? Your cake was really neat. Clever idea.

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meg said...

Yummo! I have only made pav once and it was literally a flop. Not sure if I'll bother again! Yours looks delicious :o)

Hazel said...

Hi Sarah.... here I am writing from the other side of the world! How excited I am to have been tagged. Once I've got some decent time I'll do the six things! Now, am I impressed with you or what? Pav!!!!! And it looks as yummy as your Mum's!!!! I'm inviting myself to yours when I get back for a taste of Pav heaven! YUMMMMMMMMMM! I'm having fun, had a little look around the shops and can't wait to get my credit card some action! ha ha ha xxxx

Sarah said...

Wow the cake and pavlova look yummy. I know what you mean about not getting 'into it'. I was like that on Monday and all my new crafting ideas were just not flowing properly. I gave up and had cake instead!