Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Spotty Dotty

I found a lovely new quilting shop this week! I've not really been into one before, as my interests weren't in this area. Unfortunately they are now! Unfortunately because these fabrics aren't cheap are they? Lovely yes, but OUCH! I guess that's why most people buy just a few at a time.

So I just bought these four above. They were all from the same designer except the coloured spotted one. I think it still goes though. Only one came with a printed selvage, which is a shame. It's the green one and it is gorgeous!! Will definitely use it in a special selvage project.

Now good old Spotlight has another sale on today so of course I had to attend!! I have daughter No. 1 at home today, and also yesterday, with fevers and sore throat. But being a good spirited daughter, she absolutely insisted that I go. She's also a shopper!
So what tempted me today you ask? Well this pretty spotty fabric was a winner with me...

...and also this leaf design. I find it to be such a restful looking fabric. A combination of the design and the soft colours I think. I was tempted to buy a couple of metres, but these fabrics are about $18 a metre. I was tossing up whether feeding the family was as important as buying fabric, and ended up getting a mere half metre. Oh... the pressures in life!
Oh, I forgot, I also bought four metres of wonderful white cotton for my Family Memories Quilt. It is so delicious and clean and crisp! Well actually, it's in the wash right now, so it's really quite soft and wet I supppose. Oooh, I can't wait to cut into it!

Look, I've made another little neighbourhood for our second daughter this time. I used a purple pillowcase this time, as badly out of shape as the blue one. I just couldn't help popping in a funky monkey looking out of a window. She loves those fabrics.

She chose all the ribbons and laces. We're running out of pretty lace flowers now though. I've had them for absolutely years! I guess you can still buy them?

I like her little row of flowers along the roof edge. She thought they looked like Christmas lights - a bit of a favourite with us.

See, I've managed to sneak in that lovely pink paisley fabric again. I just adore it! And some lovely pink gingham to match her Tilda house pillow underneath.

This is my favourite house. Love the spots and the red. It has a cute little lean-to. I tried to make the houses more mis-shapen this time, but I'm just too much of a straight, even, kind of girl and I do struggle with roughness.

Well now, I wonder what I shall do for the rest of the afternoon? Maybe start with a nice hot cup of tea and then ponder a while. Can't wait for my new books to arrive! I need some inspiration.



You've got yourself some great new stash there! Love the spot fabric too. The neighborhood pillows you are making are ever so cute. Not surprised that your daughters love them so!


sally said...

I am soooo enjoying your blog and LOVE your cushions. They are beautiful! You have really inspired me to have a go! I think I am going to have a try to make one based on our house! I have to go shopping first though for some lovely fabrics!
Sally x

Lululiz said...

Utterly adorable and totally inspiring. I really oughta give it a go as well, use some of my fabrics, lol. I just love those cushions.

kwiltmakr said...

Your little houses are so cute. I just love the fabric you got at the quilt shop. Nice colors. Fabric has gone up quite a bit in the last several months and I am afraid it will go up more. I try to Shop the sales but it doesn't always work. Hope your daughter feels better soon.

Kate said...

Love the fabrics - especialy the top photo.

Doolallysally said...

I especially like the leaf fabric. I need to find a good fabric store locally or online, there must be somewhere I can get my fix!