Thursday, 28 May 2009

Wasted Edges

Look at all these glorious fabrics piled up in our wardrobe. They really should be in the linen cupboard with the other fabrics, but somehow they always seem to end up in here. I'm very slack when it comes to putting things away.

I have found some very interesting blogs lately. Have you ever heard of joining selvage edges to make your own fabric? Well, it was quite a shock to me in the beginning. I've never once considered these edges as anything other than something that you cut off. Imagine being able to design a completely unique fabric for free! Have a looksie at this blog if you fancy.

Well, what do you see peeking out from my crochet bag? Yes, it's my latest project!! I'm very excited about it actually, as I have been itching to try a selvage project, for quite some time now. I don't have a great supply of selvage edges, so I needed to find a small project. Well, after making my Gran a roll for her crochet hooks, I knew just what project it would be.

Ta Da! Here it is!! Isn't it just the cutest little roll you ever did see?

My trademark ribbon keeps it all neatly tied together. Daughter No. 3, who is just 4, was practicing knots and bows on it this morning, at Gran's. She was pretty good at it too. A very exciting and important step to learn before going to school.

Here it is complete with crochet hooks. I only have five but they look so lovely in their beds. Speaking of beds, Daughter No. 4 thought I was making her a new bed! I have used the same fabrics that I used for her duvet cover.

I have bound the edges with gingham binding to give it an all over red gingham look. I've used three different types of red gingham but they all look fine together.

Here is the selvage fabric made up on the front of the roll. I've used the written edges, as well as the colour charts. I also left a small amount of the fabric showing, for added colour, otherwise it is a bit bland for my liking.

See, the gingham edges have sneaked in too? I couldn't resist. They don't have printed edges, just woven and frayed. Often the selvages are straight stitched in matching thread, but as it is a fun project I decided to use red zig zag stitching to add vibrancy.

What do you reckon? Something you would be interested in trying? On the plus side, at least it won't cost a cent to make! Now that is a pleasing thought isn't it?

I'm not sure what my grandmother thought of this project idea. She sort of laughed! Usually that's not a good sign is it? I love it anyway, and it's going to save me a lot of time hunting around my bag of wool for missing hooks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for your very kind comment. Yes, I've made the bear. As for my little daughter , she is 7.She has a very serious incurable disease, in order to be able to breath she needs a respirator.She cannot move at all , she can only move her fingers a little bit. She cannot really play with the things I make her, just watch them or touch them with our help, but she's very very happy when I prepare something new for her , and I always want her to feel happy... We lost our bigger daughter almost four years ago.She had the same kind of disease..
First I didn't want to speak about this,people often get frightened when hear such things, we lost some of our friends too,but this belongs to our life,we never complain, really.We accepted this situation and try to make every day somehow special because we don't know what comes tomorrow.What is important is 'today' and we try to live it with love and peace..

Floss said...

This is a great project - I've seen the selvage blog and I think it's a fantastic idea! I love the history, that people have been making things out of selvages for (presumably) as long as fabric has been made in factories. For me, there's the little drawback of it being a sewing machine project. I am only really drawn to hand sewing, although I have dared to get my machine out in these last few months.

You asked if Ben will make more jam with our cherries. I think probably not - he gets back late tonight from Switzerland, and I think I'll just make up some puddings etc and freeze the ones we don't eat now. It's nice to have a ready made pudding when time is short!

Lululiz said...

Isn't that selvage stuff just the neatest idea? I had read the blog as well, and was amazed what could be done with selvages. It would have never occurred to me.

The crochet hook roll you made is utterly adorable. I am not usually a fan of reds, but I would give that beautifully made roll house room any day!

Hazel said...

Sarah, I am well and truly jealous! I can't wait to see that beautiful roll. Please, please, please bring it to playgroup. What an original idea. The other fabrics set it off beautifully too! You never cease to amaze me!

-girl from the bush said...

hi sarah, love your crochet neddle case. you're very clever.. love the gingham on it. i havenot done any selvedge projects yet but maybe oneday when i save a few up perhaps. sue~n.z.

Kathi's Kreations said...

Hi Sarah, You just commented on my selvage stockings~Thanks. I have to tell you, tho, that this is about the cutest selvage project I've seen! I love the "red gingham". Great job.

Sarah said...

That's is such a fab idea, and the roll is wonderful. I would have never thought of using those bits! Thrift here we come!

sweet emmelie said...

I think it looks just gorgeous!

Polka Dot Daze said...

Looks really cool! I just came across this tutorial and thought of you - it's a tea towel bag