Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Party For A Beauty Queen

One of the most important items at a birthday is 'the cake'. I always let each of our children choose what they would like. It makes it more personal too, as it relates to their interests. So what did Daughter No. 1 choose?

Yes, a make up bag cake! She's only 10 remember! She dreams of eyeshadow, I'm sure. She begs at the discount stores for me to let her buy some. Actually one of the party girls did show up with eyeshadow on - her older sister's idea. Can't girls just enjoy being young for a bit longer?

Here is the cake with the candles lit. They looked awesome in the dark in a fan shape. I always struggle to find room, or the nerve, to poke holes in a cake I've slogged over for a few hours. You know what I mean? Often, I resort to decorating a cupcake and placing it on the tray with the cake.

The eyeshadow, to my daughter's disappointment, was edible dusting powder from the cake shop. Very similar looking so perfect for the eyeshadow pots.

Nail polish, lipstick, mascara, mirror and eyeshadow pots completed the final look of the cake. All edible and made of icing, coloured with gel colourings.

Luckily I have a drawer full of cutters so finding suitable ones for the heart and flowers was easy.

Look at her trying on the lipstick! Oh, how she wishes it were real!!

Did you see the lovely boxes up at the top? You did? They were made by my daughters at the party. I had my lovely kind mother paint them the day before the party - actually, she insisted thank goodness, as I was up to my neck in jobs.

The girls all were given a box in their party bag, along with gemstones, flowers etc to decorate one box each. I thought they would be all finished in five minutes flat. But no, they had a fantastic time and took about an hour to complete their beautiful piece of art. Give me a ten year old's party any day! They had manners, lovely compliments and someone actually wanted me to be their mum too! Like I don't have enough girls around here!!

Dinner at the restaurant went very nicely as well. Lovely girls the lot of them! Usually I can't wait for the party to end, but not this one.


sweet emmelie said...

wow!!!what an amazing cake. you did an awesome job. love the boxes, sounds like a sweet party!

Polka Dot Daze said...

Oh Wow Sarah that cake is gorgeous! I love it! The party sounds fabulous too!

Floss said...

Sounds a whole lot more civilized than a boy's party! (Although we've had some very good ones.) That cake is a work of art. To be honest, I'm glad I have boys, as the whole makeup and sexy clothes thing must be very tricky with girls. I just have to force mine to wash faces and comb hair, in terms of personal appearance issues!

Perhaps your roses plates can be with me in spirit for my party? Thanks for the offer!

Hazel said...

Oh please wave a magic wand and make me 10 again so I can go to a party like this!!! That cake is just AMAZING!!!! Well done! Love it! Thanks for the html trick - it sorted out my line spacing at last. So simple too! Cheers! x

Lululiz said...

That is one heck of a fabulous birthday cake!