Friday, 22 May 2009

Eye Spy Something Green!

Look what I found in blogland today. An eye spy game, with the colour 'green' as the theme this week. OK, I'm a bit late as it starts on Sunday, but I couldn't resist playing along.

So, a quick scan around the house this morning, in the freezing cold, I might add. Shame the colour wasn't purple! My hands could very well have made the cut otherwise.

So first up is... a bottle of lemonade, Sprite to be exact. Left over from our fish and chip party on Wednesday. I know I should throw it out, but I'm not good at that. I hate to throw food out too. Keep them in the fridge until they start to grow, is my motto. Seems less wasteful to me. Gross I hear you say? Too right, but it's just the way I operate. Sorry!

And my sweet little succulents, outside our front door. I just love the way these ones grow. They actually remind me of my crochet flowers I've just made. Maybe I should crochet some green ones too?

A Maisy cup with green pencils. Most need sharpening but we seem to have thousands of the jolly things, so no one is motivated enough to do anything about it.

My green cutting mat I use for scrap booking. It seems to be living in the kitchen at the moment. Can't remember why, but it's in one of those cubby hole whatsits, down beside the oven. Not too sure what you're supposed to put in those thingies. Too small for a bottle and I'm sure as eggs not going to put my ornaments there just to get broken!

Ahh, the lovely pile of green pressies Daughter No. 1 received on her birthday. She was very excited when she saw them, I can tell you. She's a good present opener, you know the sort who just rips them open. Lovely. Waste of paper I guess, but who cares. I'm usually just as excited as her to see what's in them.

Now, off to Daughter No. 3's bedroom. Here's a lovely book with plenty of green on it. Its got flaps and feely things. These two things make for a very good book in my opinion.

And a lovely piece of artwork. Probably done while she attended kindy for a few weeks - before bawling so much and having to be taken out. We'll try again later on.

I love these punches. Very fun to use and quite useful too. The heart and star ones are my favourites. Great for card making, or the girls to make a lovely, pretty mess on the floor with.

OK, I'm getting to the end of my trail now. Off to our en suite. Ah ha, a lovely green cup for husband's tablet taking. Bought by one of our daughters after a trip to the Auckland Zoo. Now that's one brilliant day out!!

Last, but not by any means least, is the lovely necklace I won on Sally's giveaway a few weeks ago. Doesn't it look lovely against the green of my summer top? Won't be wearing that for a while I guess.

OK, now that my fingers are actually freezing up, I must go and organise myself. I have to go to the supermarket for a few items. Then off to Gran's village bring and buy. Really excited about this one. Hoping for a few good bargains. Really, really hoping someone is getting rid of their button collection to be quite honest.

Then home to bake a birthday cake and decorate it like a makeup bag.

Greet the in laws who are staying for the weekend.

Pop out to the shops for some wrapping paper and paint etc for the party craft.

Wrap the present for the party tomorrow.

Make a card to go with the present.

Order the fish and chips as I'll be too stuffed to cook and reheat the apple pies from Wed night.

Good grief!!! Not sure how I'm going to fit it all in, but I guess I will.

Hope your day is more relaxing than mine! Have a good weekend and to those of you in England have a good holiday.


Hazel said...

My gosh, you've got a lot on your plate love! I don't think my day was much better...running errands, a superclinic visit and multiple 'in and out of the car' jobbies and no sleeps for littlie! It's relentless isn't it hon? Hope all goes well tomorrow! x

Floss said...

Hope the weekend goes well - how busy you have been! The green eye-spy is fun. Whose beautiful eye is it?

trashalou said...

Loving your eyespy finds. Feeling a bit crubbish about mine given that it was my theme but nyah! life just kind of happened.

Was there much loveliness at the bring and buy?