Friday, 15 May 2009

100 Uses For A Tea Towel

Thought I'd show you a photo of where I blog. What do you think? Bit messy I know, but no one's perfect. Oh OK, it's a card. I went to a friend's house last night, for a Phoenix Card evening. I have never seen soooo many beautiful cards in my life. There is a discount if you buy ten cards, so I picked out my favourite ones. They were only $3.25 each! Such value.

I was feeling quite grotty with a cold, maybe hay fever, but decided to go anyway as a fire had been promised. After a little mulled wine, stimulating conversation, colour and warmth, I was feeling much better. Thanks K for a lovely time.

Look at this cute card with the knickers on the line... and the pretty fairies below. So sweet.

And last, but not least, my favourite one with the cakes and sandwiches. I had a bit of a food theme going, probably because I'd eaten so much during the day. I always do when I have a cold coming on. A right pig, I become! I just love the colours in this card. Bright and bold.

Yesterday I made a couple of bags from, yet again, another tea towel. I'm thinking, I should write a book called "100 Uses For A Tea Towel" Would you buy it? Please feel free to tick a box on my survey - at the top, on the left.

I'm also thinking, that maybe, I'm getting a bit obsessed with them! I just wish NZ had a nice supply of them, but all I can find are fairly boring ones, with the exception of the gingham ones, of course. I see such pretty ones on English blogs and would give my left leg for a few of them. Anyone want to swap some pretties for some boring ones? Please!

So, I thought maybe they would be useful for putting gifts in. Maybe even a plant. Or some fabrics for a quilter...

I think, that maybe, I just have a bad case of hay fever at the moment. I'm allergic to dust in a big way, and working with fabric has always been a problem for me. I have taken some nose spray today and it's a bit better. It's difficult to know if I have a cold or hay fever for a couple of days - very annoying.

I'll take my soup and tissues with me to blog. And a magazine for when I've finished. Please excuse me if I sneeze on you.

Do you like my homemade soup? I don't hold out much hope for the magazine, looks a bit boring this time. How disappointing.

I do like these dolls though, I always have. Goodness, it looks like there are ten of them! Imagine giving these to the girls to play with. We'd never see the smallest dolls again!

Going to enjoy a bit of R&R this afternoon. A nice read and a cup of tea. Maybe something more exciting later on. Oh heck, it's Friday! We try to do something special on Friday's, after school. We call it Funday Friday. There's always chocolate for starters then an outing or other fun activity. Blimey, I'd better get my thinking cap on.

Oh, before I forget, check this out. Floss is having a give away so drop by her blog and sign up for some wonderful items. And good luck too!


sweet emmelie said...

I've found the perfect tea towels for you that you will absolutely love!, check out They even have a print of your russian dolls.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards ! The bags look great.
I hope you'll be better soon.

Floss said...

Hi Sarah, and thanks for the link to my giveaway! It's all very busy on my Excel Auld Alliance spreadsheet, I can tell you... well, I've been stuck indoors, haven't it? I do hope you're feeling better soon yourself. The Tea Towel creations are fantastic - I don't know if I'd buy the book, just beacause of postage and stuff, but I'd certainly be interested!

Sarah said...

Hi Sarah - thanks for posting a comment on my blog. Had a nice cup of coffee whilst I read your blog! Phoenix cards are great, just a shame you can't purchase them online. We can only get them through agents.
Hope you get better soon!

Hazel said...

Yes the cards are just lovely. Will have to post some of my purchases at some (unknown) point. Just don't have enough hours in the day! The bags are lovely...great for little projects. I need a bag for every WIP....which amounts to quite a few. Have a fab weekend. x

Polka Dot Daze said...

Lovely cards! Liking those little bag too...

Lace hearts said...

I think the book sounds good fun, and I love your little bags.
I'm also a fan of Phoenix cards - they do have such lovely designs.

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi Found your lovely blog whilst skipping from one to another you do...great idea to do a book about the tea towels. Love your blog. Do watch mine & I will soon put on some of the tea towels that I have in my shop ... all ideas re what to make from them welcomed!