Monday, 11 May 2009

Party Time!

Little miss 3 finally had her party on Saturday. It's always so sweet to have a party for little people. She only had four friends and the extended family, so it was a nice size.

Unfortunately Daughter No. 4 found it all a bit too exciting and couldn't sleep, so we had to organise it around her. See the pretty flowers the big girls and I had fun making? We got the idea from the Littlies magazine. We have used cupcake papers for the centres. I love cupcake wrappers! I have so many and I hardly ever bake. Bit like the cookie cutters really.

Here is the party in full swing! I actually forgot to take a photo before they ate so we can now see what was left over. Can you see the cupcakes? Someone should make pretend cupcakes that you just have to ice and decorate - they will be very rich indeed I should think. I don't think any of the children ate the whole of one!

What do you think of the cupcakes anyway? I think they look like pig rabbits!! They were supposed to be rabbits but their noses were way too big! I didn't want to go to the supermarket for a single packet of small marshmallows, so made do with the large ones.

Now the cake changed direction after I started. It was going to be pink but we changed our minds at the last minute and went for beige. I also had a thought, we could base the cake on the 'Lettuce' Rabbit books. Have you read them? They are so gorgeous and just perfect for little girls.

I added a dress and some pretty shop bought icing flowers. Wire whiskers and pink sparkle powder to finish it off.

I love parties, but really don't enjoy the amount of time spent in the kitchen. I seemed to be in there for two days straight. Imagine being able to afford a caterer! I would decorate the cake, lay the table, and that would suit me just fine. Ahhh to dream.

Actually, I guess the next party is going to be catered for, as it's at a restaurant, so I shouldn't complain. In the mean time, I will enjoy some time to create what I fancy and have a bit of a clean out too. I've been inspired by this blog. I know it's not spring here, but just feel the need for a bit of clear space to work in. More relaxing and calm.

Have yourselves a good day today, or evening for others. Hopefully I've inspired some of you to clean out your house too. It's a good feeling!


Anonymous said...

Happy wishes to the birthday girl x
I am so chuffed I chanced upon your gorgeous, different, fun, colourful, inspiring blog :o)
Such a wonderful place to come visit.

sweet emmelie said...

wow! what an adorable cake, you've done such an amazing job, it all came together well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah ! Everything looks just so fantastic !! the cupcakes , the cake ,the way you decorated and served them... I love the flowers , too.
It was a very cool party !!

Floss said...

What a wonderful party! Yes, I did think of you when I decided to put the vintage-style apron into the giveaway - it would be funny if you win, as I know you've had your eye on it for ages!

Hazel said...

What a beautiful party, the cupcakes are so sweet and the CAKE is just adorable. Where did you get that idea. And you pretend you're not a cook? What are you talking about Missy? Will be having words with you!

Doolallysally said...

Hi Sarah
Happy Birthday Miss 3, looks like you had a great party! I love the pig rabbits! I too love the flowers. Just to tell you I've finally posted your necklace giveaway to NZ, I did it on Saturday! I'm so sorry it's taken me a while to get to the post office but do let me know when it has arrived. with love Salx

Polka Dot Daze said...

Sarah that cake is amazing. I love the ears! Those flowers are awfully cute too.

One Flew Over said...

Ahhh...that cake is a masterpiece!