Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Little Gingham Slippers

I finally managed to source some suitable, and equally gorgeous fabric, for little No. 4's slippers. I was determined to get wool but could only find rich colours in quite thin fabrics. With the weather suddenly much cooler in the mornings, it was becoming more urgent that I find something soon.

Well as soon as I saw this pink wool fabric I knew it was the perfect choice! After a quick look at the price tag I immediately placed it back with a shock. Guess how much it was? No, higher, higher. $80 a metre!!! Australian wool too, so not even supporting our own country.

Well, if I only bought 25cms it would only be $20 I thought. You know how it goes, justifying your purchases. What slippers could I get for that price that aren't synthetic anyway? None! Well, that decided it for me, and I have plenty left over for something else - like slippers for the other three who love them too!

The pink wool and the paisley fabric from No. 4's duvet cover, look really nice together, but unfortunately I didn't have enough. I nervously decided to use my fabulous red gingham for the lining.

Here is the slipper in more detail. The handstitched edges and the pretty yoyo for decoration.

Now, the pattern needed altering in a major way as our two year old has massive feet, poor thing, just like her mother! It's a pity I didn't check the width of the pattern as well before cutting into my million dollar fabric, as I would have found out they were far too skinny. What a waste!! The worst thing for me was the gingham I had wasted, as I was saving it for something special.

Never mind. I now have the pattern sorted ready to make more slippers. I love being able to make unique clothes for my children. They always get noticed as we have such a small selection in New Zealand.

I think they have come up beautifully and luckily she does too. It was a rocky start as they were rejected to begin with. She came round to liking them though and she just loves the yoyos on the fronts.

These slippers come from the Tilda Christmas book, a much loved book of mine.

Now, I need to finish off a birthday cake scrapbook for the nearly 4 year old's birthday tomorrow. Nearly finished it, just need to assemble it and wrap it.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my blog recently, I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. It means so much to me. Thanks for pushing me to make a rug too, I will need plenty of encouragement that's for sure!

OK, see you tomorrow!


Julia said...

Ohh!!! they are so cute! you are very talented. It makes me want to take a sewing class/have a baby! do you know of any sewing classes?

Sarah said...

Oh you are sweet! I think Spotlight do classes, otherwise most highschools do evening classes. I also know how to make a baby and it's much easier!

Hazel said...

How gorgeous...yet again! Well done! I may have add these to my ever growing lists of things to do.

Floss said...

Those are absolutely lovely! Imagine the trials of trying to find slippers that 10 and 11 year-old boys will wear! They have to be extremely sturdy. I wonder what you put on the soles of those slippers - that's one of the important things for us, as we have an entirely tiled house, so things can get VERY slippy without grip soles. If it's possible to make boys' slippers with grip soles, then I think I'd better start next autumn!

Anonymous said...

I love these slippers ,they look so beautiful, the colours and the fabrics are gorgeous.
You make so fantastic looking things...
Have a nice .....eee..evening maybe, I don't know, here it's 10:50 AM.
many greetings:Manka

Polka Dot Daze said...

Oh my goodness Sarah - they are gorgeous! Just perfect!

PaisleyJade said...

I love your paisley fabric!!

Stephanie said...

Oh, now those are perfection in a pair of slippers! Definitely worth every cent. And that's one of my favorite color combinations, too.