Thursday, 14 May 2009

Two Surprises!

Yesterday afternoon, I enjoyed a lovely stitching session with Daughter No. 3 who just turned 4. I was cutting out my aprons and she decided it looked like a lot of fun. Yes, it sure was honey! So she asked if I could cut a heart out for her and then it was requested that I make her a pattern as well. Yes a little backwards but anyhow. Then I was asked to machine sew the pattern to the fabric heart. Not done that before, quite fun actually!

So, I carried on with my work (yes a great hardship, I know) answering the odd question and threading a needle for No. 3. It wasn't until I turned around a while later that I realised what she was doing. I didn't give her any instruction at all, it was all her doing. She was stitching all around the edge, sliding the needle under the fabric layer only, and nice stitches too I might add. How clever is that? I was absolutely gob smacked!! This one just might take after her mother - oh I really hope so.

Meanwhile, I got busy with the children's aprons I spoke about yesterday. Don't they look so homely on the kitchen door. Just as well we left the wreath hanger up, the perfect spot for them. I really am in love with them. The fabrics, the colours, the hearts, oooh I could eat them up!

I left the bottom half of the tea towel uncut, just shaping the armholes and neck edges. I like to leave original stitching where possible, as it adds to the look of the garment. The tape straps Velcro to the apron, making it easier for little people to do it up themselves. And she did, very pleased she was too.

Anyway, later that day, I received a message from Luce, from Attic24, and she showed me a photo of a tea towel apron she had made her daughter. Here I was, thinking I'd stumbled onto a new idea for tea towels, when all along, people from all over the world have probably been doing this for years. How disappointing!

Oh well, I still love them and the hearts really make it for me. I added a couple of buttons on the red heart as it was looking a bit stark. I haven't decided if I will add anything to the other apron yet. I'll wait for an idea to spring itself at me.

Like the sneeky label? These aprons, are the first items I have decided on, to make for a charity event - hopefully happening at the end of the year. How exciting!

Well look what arrived for little old me yesterday!! Yes, a parcel, from Royal Mail no less. I knew what was inside as I'd been waiting for a while now for it to arrive. Let's have a little look shall we?

Isn't the tissue paper something else?! I've never seen such beautiful paper before. I just had to photograph it to show you. I will have to do something special with it, way to nice to throw out.

Anyway, here it is...!

A beautifully handmade necklace from Sally, all the way from England. Check out her blog if you wish. She is one clever lady if you ask me. Imagine spending all that time making this special one-off piece and then giving it away! Thank you so much Sal, I love it and will treasure it always.


Polka Dot Daze said...

Very sweet! Number 3 really does seems to be talented like her mama! That necklace is lovely too!

Floss said...

How wonderful - it's always great when a child gets sewing. I think the velcro fastening is very clever, and they'll sell really well at your exciting charity event!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Start them young heh?!
How lovely.

Doolallysally said...

Ahh, I'm so glad you liked it! It really suits you too! I haven't been blogging this week owing to the fact that we're off camping on Saturday over to France and I've been busy getting everything ready! Thank you for linking to my site as well! Love Salxx