Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Lolly Cakes and Lamingtons

Our little girl has turned four today. She entered the world at 8.30am four years ago today. She is the third of our four daughters. Her Daddy woke her bright and early before he left for work this morning and she came into the lounge to find this fabulous new bike. She's not had a new bike all to herself before. She loves to ride and is outside everyday just looping the backyard.

Her grandparents were going to take her out to lunch, but she's not too sure about leaving Mummy at the moment, and found the idea a bit too much. They came with lunch instead! Lemonade too 'cause the birthday girl loves it. And here was I, thinking I would have the afternoon to myself! Oh, the plans I had!!

She had lolly cake and lamingtons to choose from - delicious! We had so many that we will be serving them for afternoon tea as well, when Gran comes to visit. Saves me baking, so I'm not complaining. She'll never know!

Now I am going to sit with her and watch 'Babe' on video. We might have a swing and a ride on her new bike too. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah ! Happy 4th birthday to your little daughter!I think she 's very happy to get such a nice bike on her own ,and she 's been enjoying this wonderful day.
The cakes you made look delicious, I especially like the colourful one , I've never seen a cake like that before.Children must love it with that beautiful vivid colours...What did you put in the cake ?Some kind of sweets I think.

Sarah said...

Let me clear things up here. I unfortunately did not make the cakes, my mother bought them. I can however make lolly cake, but not lamingtons. The lolly cake is crushed malt biscuits and condensed milk mixed, probably with a few other things thrown in, and cut up fruit puff lollies. They are a bit like firm marshmallows I guess. It is a pretty cake and tastes equally nice too.

Hazel said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Yummy yum! Makes me feel quite hungry!

Floss said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the tip about the slippers - I agree that leather might do the trick. I will have to get planning in advance, even though the weather we have now makes you forget about slippers! I love my swap bag too - isn't Sharon clever?

Polka Dot Daze said...

Happy Birthday No 3!

Mary Poppins said...

Wishing your lovely daughter a very happy birthday :)

Have fun ;)


saraeden said...

I hope your girlie had a lovely birthday x x x

Sara x