Friday, 8 May 2009

Six Dotty Bags

My goodness, I had no idea how long these bags would take to make. They look pretty harmless don't they? Well, there were quite a few evenings spent at the iron and sewing machine I can tell you. For someone who doesn't like ironing, I seem to have been using it rather a lot lately.

I'm quite impressed with myself for having them completed with two weeks to spare. Unlike someone I know! We learn from others mistakes too.

The pockets have a felt star hand stitched onto them. I figured it would be way easier than using fabric and having to zigzag the edges. I love easy methods!

The handles were a right pain to turn through, but we got there eventually. I think the colours are really bright and colourful together. Not what I would have chosen at all, but I like it.

What do you think of my kind of label?!! Husband A. thinks it's a real laugh but I think it's kind of cute. I spent weeks sourcing the correct size and colour of gingham ribbon until I found the right one. I shall use it on all my creations now. If it doesn't match I will put it in discretely somewhere.

This is my ribbon, found in the usual shop I visit - Spotlight, and so cheap too at only a few dollars a roll. It was in the craft area, so I missed it all the times I had been there looking. Very sneaky of it!

My big girl was very happy with me this morning when she saw all six bags finished. I don't tell them what I am working on at night, as I don't want to pressure myself into getting something finished by rushing.

I just had to take this photo this morning. Don't the tights looks perfect with the slippers? Do you think maybe, there are gingham tights, somewhere out there?!! She loves her slippers so much that they are sometimes requested to be worn as bed socks. Such a little love!

I have been so busy this morning making party food and THE CAKE. Always a few nervous moments with that one. I had a small mishap with blue food colouring - not good! The first party is tomorrow, can't wait for it to get going. Hate cooking, hate cooking!

Well, have yourselves a great day and a creative weekend. Bye!


Polka Dot Daze said...

Oh Sarah those bags are very cool! I love that red gingham ribbon too what a neat idea, I have been trying to source personalised woven labels but they are really expensive. Maybe I could do the same as you but with polka dots :) I need to get that loot bag pattern off you that you gave Hazel so that I can get on with mine.

Sarah said...

Dear Mummy,
I really love the dotty bags they are sooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Love daughter number 2 xxxooo :)

Anonymous said...

Very lovely bags, and the ribbon...! I like them.
The tights are great ,match with the slippers perfectly, but unfortunately I've
never seen gingham ones yet ...

Hazel said...

The bags look fantastic Sarah, you smug thing - getting them all done with two weeks to spare! The gingham tag is such a good idea too - your trademark! Perfect. And the slippers are SWEET!!!! Hope tomorrow goes well! x

Floss said...

Lovely bags, with very, very cute labels! Have a great day tommorow.