Friday, 29 May 2009

Autumnal Colours

What a lovely morning the little girls and I have had on this beautiful, fresh, autumn day. We had a stay at home day, which is quite a rare thing unfortunately. Usually there is something that needs doing or someone/place to visit. Not that I'm complaining, of course! I love going out, but occasionally, it's so nice to take it easy and stay put for a change.

So what did we do you ask? Well the little girls played very nicely with the Duplo and then the felt board and magnets. That's all they did, and boy did they enjoy themselves. Right little homebodies those two are. And me, well I'm sure you can guess from the photo, I sewed my aprons, finally!

The tea towel came with the birds appliqued on and the pretty floral border so these aprons were pretty straight forward. I made several altogether, so not bad going. I have now run out of the strap stuff. I can't remember what it's called!

I was looking out my bedroom window this morning after getting dressed, and this lovely colour took my eye. The trees are just so beautiful in our garden at the moment.

This one is a Silk tree and when it has finished flowering these lovely seed pods arrive. They look like they would make a lovely rustling sound when dried.

Here it is again over the Puka tree. The Puka is native to New Zealand. It has the most fabulously large leaves that dry big and crackly - great for stomping on. Dreadful for picking up off the paths.

And finally, my favourite in the garden. The Acer Maple (I think it's called), with it's small leaves in every colour autumn has to offer. Unfortunately, all these wonderful coloured leaves end up on the ground. I love to sweep them up, but I'm still enjoying them so will wait a while longer.

Now, take a look here. Look who's got green fingers! Yes, that would be me apparently.

I can't really take much credit for these fine vegetables though. They really did look after themselves rather well. But look at the whiteness of that cauli!! Isn't it supreme?

Yesterday, I gathered two cauliflowers and broccoli, and dropped them off at my parents and my Gran. They were also impressed and very happy to receive them too. I have quite a few more in the garden still growing. A cabbage seems to be coming along nicely too now that the caterpillars have frozen and died.

I will have to go back to the garden shop this weekend and see what else I can grow over the winter. It will be much better without the creepy little critters eating all the leaves.

Oh dear, look at this mess! It had been in my crochet bag, out for photos, and rummaged through whilst finding crochet hooks. My lovely Gran insisted that I bring it to her to sort out. I felt rather bad about this, BUT, she did insist. She rang this morning to say it was all in a nice tight ball now. Oh, and it only took her about two hours to do!! Golly, just as well I gave her those veges!

She also suggested, that next time I buy shanks of wool, that I give it to her immediately to ball up. Whoops!

I hope all you lovely people over in Europe/UK and anywhere else who has it, are having a fabulous Spring Break. Enjoy the holiday and the warm weather too I hope. Hope to catch up with some of you when you return. Should be some lovely photos to oogle over.


Hazel said...

What a lovely apron! So simple - such a fantastic use of a gorgeous tea towel! Have a lovely long w/e Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! What a very pretty apron ! I love the birds on it so much! Thanks for the photos ,too .They are beautiful, I love autumn because of its amazing colours.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Lululiz said...

This is so weird, there is us just on the verge of summer, and you are talking of autumn. Same with my Aussie friends, it always strikes me as so odd that we can be talking together at one particular moment, one of us snowed in, the other in blazing sunshine. Isn't the internet wonderful?
And something else wonderful, your cauliflowers! My goodness, they look yummy. Great aprons, too.

Floss said...

Beautiful aprons and trees - I'm adoring our springtime, but you've reminded me how beautiful autumn is too.

Polka Dot Daze said...

I love that apron - it worked out fabulously!

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

How wonderful to enjoy autumn just as we're starting our summer over here!!

I'm always ready for those lovely colors by about ... July!!!