Monday, 11 May 2009

Gifts of Love

Just look at these lovely Mothers Day cards I received yesterday. Made with love from my big girls. There were gifts too - handmade with more love! A lovely little gingham bag from my eldest with 'M' stickers to hold it closed, and an origami creation from No. 2. She's way better at this art than I am. I get into a right muddle when I try.

Now, I don't always do Mothers Day presents, as I'm always told not to. But this year I decided, since there was such an abundance of creations around me, I would. They were gratefully accepted too. It's always lovely to get an unexpected gift isn't it?

This hottie cover is something I made when I made the slippers for my youngest one. It's made from the same wool fabric, making it extra cosy on these cold nights we are experiencing now. See the pink gingham covered buttons? There's also a gingham ribbon for hanging. I gave this to my mother as she is always so helpful and we all love her so much.

This was given to my Grandmother. She seems to like everything I make at the moment and has decided to take up crochet again after seeing me do it. I thought this the perfect present to house her wools.

And a closer up photo of the lining as it's so sweet.

Well with the organising of the party this weekend for No. 3, I totally forgot to send the Mother in laws (I have two of them, lucky me, due to remarriage) cards. How embarrassing!!

Anyway, I have made it up to them by sewing them a bag each. This blue one and another pink floral one. They both knit so should come in handy. I must get them wrapped and sent today.

My Aunt, who put on an afternoon tea yesterday, was given the orange make-up bag. She had been using a $2 shop one, so was very grateful to receive this one.

And lucky last, this is a present I have had for ages, gathering dust for a good friend and Godmother to our girls. She was supposed to be coming up for the party but didn't in the end. So it still sits, waiting. I made it from the Softies book, such a cute ideas book.

Well I enjoyed my day yesterday and hopefully you did too. All I asked for, was for the girls to be nice to one another and not fight. This mostly happened so I was happy. It doesn't take much to please me.

Right off to warm up and do the dishes. I must do the supermarket at some point too.


Hazel said...

Wow.....I can't believe you managed to do all this and have two parties. You never cease to amaze me - honestly. Everything seems to be effortless for you. I LURVE the water bottle cover! Did you use a pattern (probably not you.....clever little sausage)? Did you get the wool material from Spotlight? Good work hon!

Polka Dot Daze said...

Yes I agree with Hazel your are amazing! I can't believe you found time to make all those gifts! They are all so beautiful!