Monday, 25 May 2009

Such Treasures!

I have so many things to show you that it's difficult to know where to start. I think I should probably do it in order of them happening. I'm thinking it might make it easier to keep up with.

So lets begin with Friday's 'Bring and Buy' sale at my grandmother's retirement village. I admit, I was a little disappointed when I first walked into the lounge room to see only a few tables of items for sale. I managed to convince my mother and aunt to attend this event with Gran and I. You never know when you might find a bargain, I said.

Well, after a quick look around I was left a bit disappointed once again. Nothing much really of interest. But... Daughter No. 3 spied a beautiful red glass necklace and announced to Nana that it looked like Mummy's sort of thing. Quite right she was too. A daughter in training, yay! No prices to help me decide so I just picked up what I thought was lovely.

Oh yes this will do just nicely!! I wonder if they are real pearls? How can you tell? Love it anyway, genuine or not. Such a pretty rose in the centre.

And this scrumptious ring with a little coral, I think, in the centre. Another rose maybe? Loving the rose theme. Looks like it's missing some green glass around the edges. One piece is left but sadly not the other ones. Made to look like leaves I guess.

Ooh, these lovely cuff links will make a nice pressie for Husband A. He has a growing collection of these and this will be a lovely addition to it.

OK, how much for this little lot I asked. $2 you say? Goodness me no!! How would $10 be? I hate to rip little old ladies off.

I have to admit I was actually feeling really guilty by now, like I was ripping them off. Stashing my valuable treasures away in the pram hood hoping no one would see. I don't think I'm made for these sales. Too much of a good bargain!

I moved along the tables a bit and picked up this lovely red wool scarf. Looks new and handmade. Not sure if it's crocheted or knitted. Jolly clever stitch whatever it is. I guess it took someone a very long time to make, but I'll be warmer in it for sure.

3 nice white zips will come in handy I'm sure.

I was standing next to a very lovely lady who saw me picking this vase up. She looked it over and announced it a great deal, as it is Crown Lynn with a number on it's bottom. Wwweeell, that sold me! I actually thought it was rather sweet anyway, but isn't it funny how appealing something suddenly becomes, when you find out it might be worth lots of money?

Now, I have no idea of it's value and wouldn't know about finding out either. So I'll just enjoy it in the meantime. Of course, if I find out it's worth lots of the paper things, out it goes!!!

See the photo at the top? That's it, with some roses from our garden. Isn't it wonderful?

Take a look at this wonderful piece of silver. The lovely lace detailing it has. A bit grubby, but most silver is if it's not cared for. Don't worry I'll sort that wee problem out.

Here we go. Nice and shiny once more. The outer side is very good but there are some marks inside the dish which I can't remove. Must have been eaten away. Still, with some goodies in it, no one will know.

That's the lot. Think I got a good deal for $20 all up? I certainly think so!


Floss said...

You did do well! I thik you can probably find out a lot about that vase if you begin with Google - I know I need to do that with the vase my son bought on Thursday, but I just haven't got round to it... I should think your vase is worth more than his, though! There are tricks for finding out if pearls are real which you could find through Google too - guess where I find out most of my stuff, these days? Have a great week, and looking forward to hearing more of your news.

Hazel said...

Having problems with posting and commenting today!!! What lovely little treasures! I love buying second hand things - things that have a history and story all of their own. Like that lovely silver bowl. Catchya tomorrow! x

Lululiz said...

Great finds, I especially like the little silver dish. I hope you'll be able to find out a bit more about that pretty vase. This is quite interesting - Mind you, if your vase has a number as you say, that is probably the shape number, you should be able to google some specific info then. Fingers crossed.