Thursday, 7 May 2009

Gingerbread Cottage

I finally finished this scrapbooking project, just in time for Daughter No. 3's birthday yesterday. Our first three daughters have each had a turn visiting the scrapbooking shop with me. They choose their own book, papers and embelishments for the book.

I like them to choose their own bits and pieces as it is their own special book. They each have very different tastes, which is actually really nice, as each book is quite different. I am including their birthday and Christening cake photos up until the age of ten. So some of them are almost full while others are a work in progress.

My favourite part is sticking on the flowers and bling bits. It seems to look better if you really go to town with the diamantes - makes it seem more special.

I have zoomed in on some parts of her book to show you some of the decorations. The sparkly bits are all self adhesive which is so easy to apply. They stick really well too.

I go through my ribbon box for ribbons and braids to attach to the rings. I have quite a good collection now, some were my mother's from years back. I have some lovely pink gingham ones peeking out - see them?

Before starting this blogging thing, I struggled a bit to find a suitable name for my blog. Since naming it Red Gingham, I have realised just how many gingham things I have. It's everywhere! I don't know what it is that appeals to me, but I just know it's got that homely feel about it.

Golly it's cold here today, my washing hasn't got a hope in drying. The showers come and go constantly, usually when the new bike is taken outside it seems. Oh dear, never mind! All you lucky people living on the other side of the world are enjoying warmer days now, while we approach the winter months. Brrrr!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!the book looks lovely , your daughter must love it with all those pink and shiny decorations...
I wouldn't say that we are very lucky at the moment enjoying warm days's been raining for some days now and it's cold (not too much, but we all ask where the spring is...?)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know the word 'gingham ' before, but I had an idea about it, now I 've looked it up and see what I've found.It might be interesting for you,too ,

Floss said...

Very, very pretty. What a special keepsake! I know what you mean about watching summer coming on the other side of the world through blogs - but remember, we've been through all the envy already! I started looking at blogs in December, and I was most envious of you Antipodeans.

Hazel said... many talents you have(that thankfully are no longer hidden)! The book is so pretty! Good work hon!

clare's craftroom said...

Love it , yor scrapbooking is fabulous .