Friday, 18 September 2009

Such A Busy Day

As you can see I have been hoarding my favourite pasta sauce jars. I just love them! They have a couple of tomatoes on the fronts of them in raised glass. Anyway I thought it really was about time I should use some of them before dear husband makes me recycle them. And I don't have enough buttons for this many jars.

So yesterday I got to work after the supermarket shop. I chopped up so many different vegetables that it was beginning to look like I was having a Chinese convention at our house. No, not stir-fry at our house, but pickled vegetables. I last made them about six years ago and they were so easy and so yummy too.

Don't they look like little stained glass objects Floss? I know you have a thing for pretty glass.
Now that doesn't sound like a very busy day does it? Well there was so much more to my day than that I can tell you!! There were errands to shops all over the place, phone calls, Dr appointment, washing to hang and wash, tired little poppets, lunch on the job, and going to the post office to pick up my new wonderful pattern for the quilt. I'll show you next time, promise.

Goodness me, I need a cup of tea and a sit down after this. See our pretty cherry blossom tree? I have renamed it the popcorn tree. Every day when I open the curtains, it looks like a few more popcorn kernels have just burst out.

I altered the old nightie last night. Added elastic, better ribbon and embellished it. When I showed it to Daughter No.2 she said she didn't like it. Can you believe it??? I sure was shocked. Well No. 1 piped up and said she would gladly have it. Bless her cotton socks! I showed her the gingham yo yo I had made to place on it somewhere and that shook No. 2 back into action. Apparently it's stylish now! She chose a button for it and now I just have to stitch it on. (It's only pinned in the photo.) Don't tell!

No.1 is getting a Mummy designed one next. Fairy mushrooms.

Thank you all for all your lovely messages lately! I love reading them all. I'm also very glad some of you are now wanting to make your own pillowcase nighties. They are so easy to make and so pretty on. There are plenty of instructions on the web about how to make them. I'd love to see some you have made.
Now before it's too late pop on over to Lululiz's blog and join in her colour swap. Floss from Troc, Broc and Recup is also having a little give away too. I'm sure they'd love to see you.
Righty oh, must go and have that cuppa. Have a great weekend!


Lace hearts said...

I love the nightie!
I also am impressed by the pickled veggies... they look so pretty, aside from anything else. xxx

Michela said...

Love the red gingham detail!
How funny the popcorn tree!
Have a lovely weekend :)

Floss said...

Those pickled vegetables DO look so pretty! How do you preserve them? I leave all the preserving to Ben at the moment, but I'm beginning to wonder about starting a bit myself! Thanks for mentioning my giveaway - it's only little but it seemed like a bit of fun!

Anonymous said...

I used to make pickled vegetables, but in our house it's only me who actually eats them, so I don't make them anymore.Yours look yummy!! and pretty , too in those nice jars. I especially like cauliflowers and cabbage.But you didn't use cabbage, did you?

Oh, I like so much when trees are full of blossoms in spring. I renamed them the "bride tree" because they look like wearing a nice wedding dress with those pretty white blossoms in our garden.
Sarah, have a nice weekend !

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Sarah!
The nightie looks great and the pickles delicious - I do love pickles! And your description of the blossom like burst popcorn - it is perfect!
Happy weekend
Denise x said...

Those veggies look delish! You are talented, and busy too. I think that the gingham detail on the nightie is gorgeous too! Suzie. x :)

Lululiz said...

Can you picture me drooling? I am, I really am, those pickled veggies look sooooo yummy.

Oh, love the little gingham yo yo, thats so cute.

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Love love LOVE the gingham yoyo!

Floss said...

Hi again - lovely to look at that sweet nightie again! What you said on my books post about Christmas is very much the kind of thing that book addresses - I got it very cheap (secondhand) on Amazon, so I'd say it would be worth your while picking it up.


so sweet sarah! you'll have Happy poppets and Happy tummies in your house!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Sarah
It is a total coincidence that you are matched with Kim for the Letter Swap! As you were one of the people who asked for a partner from a different country, I matched you to the first person outside of NZ who came out of the hat- Kim!!
Maybe the virtual universe has you both linked in some way!
Hope you have lots of fun planning & writing your letters.
Denise x

Heart in the country said...

Hi Sarah

Love the pickles, now there's an idea for my christmas hampers! Recipes for us to talk about in our letters perhaps :0)
As Denise said, what a coincidence us being partnered together.


Cindy said...

Mental knote, yo-yo's make it all good. I will remember that for future fashion faux pars.