Thursday, 10 September 2009

How Cute Is This?

A two year old's interpretation of what a baby car park is!
Daughter's 2 and 3 have been busy the last few days chalking road markings all over the back yard. I really hope it rains soon!
No. 2 has been home all week with shocking eczema and then a mysterious rash appeared. Back to the doctor today for the OK to send her to school as she is perfectly fine although she looks like she should be in bed with fevers and sympathy. Who knows what it might be? I'm not really asking, just wondering aloud!


Country Nanny said...

Fantastic! That's why I love children so much!!!! William Corsaro (a sociologist who specializes in the etnography of children's culture) would say that your daughters took informations from the adult world to produce their own unique childhood culture. This picture could stay in one of his book.
Hope children n°2 is fine.
Have a nice day and a big kiss to all your fantastic kids!

Lululiz said...

Awww, bless, isn't that just the sweetest picture?
So sorry to hear that No. 2 daughter is suffering so badly with eczema. I'll email you about it later, if I forget, remind me. My DH had been suffering with psoriasis and eczema for over 20 years, its all under control now. x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

OH! So cute!
Hope that your little one, will feel much better soon!


Michela said...

Hope she get better soon! said...

How cute! Arent children wonderful!
Suzie xxx

Pomona said...

I remember my oldest came out in very alarming red blotches once - the GP sent us to the hospital, and we weren't even allowed in the children's ward, but kept outside in case they were catching! But a day of antihistamine and they had gone, and we never knew where they came from, or what they were!

Pomona x

Lace hearts said...

Sarah, isn't that a fab pic to keep. Sorry to hear about the rash - hope it clears up soon.

Corrie said...

kids are so cute and so funny! their little we found a wilted plant I forgot to plant...put it in the spot and forgot about it. Keira picked it up, told me it was sick, put the plant up closer and whispered to it...whats wrong plant? what do you need?

we decided it needed to go to mummy's plant hospital but I still couldn't get over the way her little mind works! she's 3 going on 33!


Kate said...

That is fabulous - love the way kids think.