Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Fairy Houses

My chubby little ballerina! This is No.4 dressed up for the first time in leotard and bun. Our girls are always putting on dance shows for us. We even have programmes sometimes. It's quite a formal thing, with someone on music, chairs for us, and serious faces. And the dances are quite outrageous at times, as are the costumes!!!

Here is the pattern I keep telling you about and not showing you. Isn't it just so very pretty? I have had my darling husband photocopy the patterns so I can cut them out. Now all I have to do is cut out the fabrics. They are such fiddly little patterns too. Not very much fun I'm thinking. Still it will be worth it in the end.

Isn't this such a cute little fairy house? It was in the garden when we moved here. I think it's made from clay and then painted gold. Very special! Our big girls used to write to the fairies. These days the fairies don't seem to write back much. Guess everyone is busy, even the fairies.

Well I got stuck in and made some patterns up for No. 1's pillowcase nightie. I had a lovely book given to me for inspiration which was very helpful. I didn't actually make a fairy, I kept it hidden and mysterious.

Are these the perfect mushroom fabrics or what?!! She chose them and I think they look great. I think this will be fun.

And here is the finished product. It came out quite well with the blanket stitch. It's such a tidy little stitch on my new machine. Much easier to use than the free-motion straight stitch I did on the last one. Think I'll use it for any future applique projects.

Yes, I have managed to sneak in more red gingham ribbon!! Shoulder straps as well. It's OK, No. 1 loves it too.

Here is the happy duo with their new nighties on. They are so comfortable in them and being cotton it's good for their skin too.

It's been a pretty busy day again today. I'm just having a bit of 'me time' now. The morning was spent at playgroup as usual. Then home for a quick lunch and off to kindy for mother help where I did more spring cleaning!! Oh and a friend finally had her baby last night, so that's pretty exciting. I'll have to get cracking and make a baby gift. How lovely!

Well I guess I'd better get this body into the kitchen and sort out some sort of meal. They do seem to always be eating around here!


the cookie cutter said...

My kids pj's are all a bit short and tight so I really need to get cracking on some new ones for them, I really like this design. I think I will give it a bash! Yours look amazing with the appliqué, very pretty, lucky girls!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are adorable!

The new nightie looks fab, I like the mushrooms.


Michela said...

Very pretty nighties! Congratulations to your friend!

Itch2stitch.com said...

What a lovely post, enjoyed the part about the dances and outrageousness! Those nighties are so cute! Suzie. x

pve design said...

oh so pretty---

LissyLou said...

oh bless her!! i love the girls nighties - just gorgeous x

Lululiz said...

Those nighties are adorable, really really pretty! And that little ballerina in the first pic, how cute is she?

Michela said...

Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for letting me know that you're my 1st follower (and for following of course!) as I read 1 follower but couldn't see any picture of you on my dashboard...there's something wrong but I can't understand what!
I'm very pleased that you've been my 1st commenter, as when I set up this blog I thought of you and a few other bloggers who would like to see Italy one day. I hope this will be a little and charming opportunity!

Heleen said...

Oh they look so sweet!!

~ Kim ~ said...

They are cute nighties. I have one of those patterns from Kellie too. Applique'ing can get addictive. I wish I had a blanket stitch though. I use my buttonhole stitch instead.

sallgood said...

Sarah, these are adorable!!!