Monday, 28 September 2009

No.2's Fun In The Kitchen!

What a horrible day and it's the holidays. Hmm lets think? What are we to do? Arr yes!Cooking! I am making Mexican Wedding Cakes. What a delicious treat!

I had a lot of fun mixing. And no mess made! I got the idea from my Gran when she once made them for us when we came to visit.

This is the part when you add vanilla to the butter and sugar.Mum isn't a cookie type of person, but I am! I really want to be a chef when I am older.Mum says I am very good at cooking slice, cakes and biscuits. I wish she was the cookie type because that would mean more yummy food in the pantry to eat!

Doesn't this look good? The chocolate chips and sunflower seeds really add a nice touch! I did a little bit of test tasting. The mixture was nice and soft so it was pretty easy to stir.

You roll it into balls and squash them down, but not too hard with a fork to make them have a fork pattern.

We cut out the ugly tray from the photo! Now I can't stop laughing! They look adorable don't they?

Put them in the oven for 15mins at 150 degrees C. As soon as they come out of the oven put at least three biscuits at a time into a container of icing sugar. Roll them until they look like they have enough icing sugar on them. I always like to put a little more icing sugar on so it tastes better!

Our finished product!!! I had one even when it was still quite hot just to see what it tasted like. I wanted the first bite but someone had already had one! That was a bit mean seeing as I was the one cooking these biscuits.

I hope you have enjoyed this lovely recipe, you should really try it out. I'm so kind I've put the recipe up there for you. Sorry about the tatty paper!


The Rose Room said...

I think you are a very good blogger too!!!! Rachael:) p.s. oh and thanks for that, I am going to try them with my wee girl!

Sarah said...

I'm worried she might want her own blog now! And I wonder when I'll get a turn again. No.1's booked it for tomorrow. Never mind, keeps them busy. Hope you can read the recipe alright, it's got a bit messy over the years and it's not from my baking either obviously!!

sallgood said...

I love Mexican Wedding Cakes! We make our like little snowballs!

sallgood said...

Sarah, I have the words printed out for the song, "Popcorn Popping", but I also can give you directions on a way to listen to it on your computer. Can you give me an email address?

Floss said...

Looks great! Shame about mum not being a cookie person! I taught a friend's daugher to make ginger biscuits, because she said her mum would never do it for her. She intends to become the cookie person for her household!

(That said, Sarah, I very seldom make them at home at the moment, because I only eat them!) said...

Yummy! Its good to have a cookie monster in the house! suzie. x

Anonymous said...

We know this recipe (but not as Mexican wedding cakes and the shape is different as well)in Hungary,too.
I usually make them around Christmas time.
What a clever little cook you have at home!!!Her cakes look very yummy....


Lululiz said...

Oh, a few of those would go ever so well with my cup of tea right now! I am definitely going to try that recipe, maybe with my granddaughter, she would love that. Well done and thank you!