Thursday, 3 September 2009

And Off I go!

I have plans today. Big plans. I only hope I can get going, because once I'm off there will be no stopping me. Today is the day that I start the actual putting together of this quilt. Some of you may remember it. It's my 'Family Memories Quilt'. I made it a couple of months ago now.

Last night I actually took the plunge and cut out the backing fabric. Nothing fancy mind you. Just quilters muslin as it's nice and wide. I think something plain will suit the white sash borders of this quilt.

I have located the pins and even the binding fabric. I'm very good at buying things and then putting them in a safe place. Unfortunately it usually takes me a while to find which safe place I hid it in - the pins this time. Not to worry they were in the sewing drawers where they should have been, but with piles of stuff on the top.

My batting is keeping cosy in the blanket box at the moment waiting for the big cut later on. Oh it's starting to get me excited now! And yes I do have thread as well.

I'm planning to stipple this one I think. I think there quite enough straight lines. And I quite like the challenge of using that new fandangle foot I have that makes sure all the stitches are the same size. My dear husband thinks I should practice first before sewing the real thing. We'll see. I tend to jump into these things not worrying too much about a big splash. A mistake just opens up new opportunities.

Now another lovely sunny Spring garden photo. Some red and yellow freesias this time. My mother has ordered a bunch already! She loves freesias. I could take or leave them personally. I prefer roses or tulips, not that I have many of either. OK no tulips at all to be quite honest.

Now I have exactly one and a half hours to get stuck in with those pins. Come 10.30 I will be watching my big girls running in their cross country. They are both very excited about it. No. 1 has dreaded every practice run but desperately wants to be good enough for the inter schools team. She one for putting her hand up for everything! Absolutely everything!! Good on her I guess, but really, sometimes I think she should give it a moments thought.

No. 2 hasn't minded the runs at all which is unusual for her. They are both good runners, soooo not like their mother I might add. No, they definitely have their fathers legs here. I was telling them last night that I was always last, walking but still gasping for air!! Cross country was something I dreaded each year. Anyway it should be a good time for all. At least it's not raining this week.

Now to clear up a few points about my little giveaway on Friday. I unfortunately have not visited 50 countries. No. I'm afraid it's 50 different countries have visited me at my blog. You can see them in my side bar if you are interested.

Did you notice the pretty coloured text at times? Daughter No. 3 showed me this one! She's only 4!! How would she know? I think I like pretty colours in my blog. OK no more procrastinating, I really must make a start. Have a good one!

6 comments: said...

Oh, that will look beautiful when it is finished! I love the way you see mistakes as new possibilities! Running, Ha, I couldn't run if a man with an axe was after me.
Happy quilting! Suzie. :) xxx

Michela said...

Happy quilting and keep us informed about your new amazing masterpiece!

Anonymous said...

You're lucky to have so many freesias in your garden! We have some roses and lots of tulips....Let's change...hehehe...

Sarah, that quilt ! It will be sooooo
beautiful , you're so clever ! I can't wait seeing it .
hugs :Manka

Floss said...

It's great to think of you sitting there stitching away with the wonderful new machine... I wonder what time it is with you right now? Our Cross Country season is upon us (it's just called 'le Cross' in French). We took the dog for a walk on Sunday, and a full Duathlon cycled, then ran, past us, and last night it was the re-formed Basketball club who variously jogged or staggered past... Now the schools are back they will begin practice for the big 'Cross' which every school in France runs in October.

Felicity said...

your quilt top is gorgeous, i cant wait to see it all put together, that bit would scare me too! fliss xx

Kate said...

Fabulous quilt!