Wednesday, 30 September 2009

No.1's Ginga Bread Men

Welcome to No.1's cooking lesson. Step 1, If you look above you will see the recipe for our awesome ginger bread men. So sorry if you can't read it-not my writing, must be Mummy's!!!! Step 2, Now get your bowls and whisks out and cream the sugar and flour together.

I had to clean up before I could roll the dough out! I used so many dishes so it took forever. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little but it seemed like forever. I got so floury that the washing will take ages to do. I had to scrub the sugar from the measuring cup as all of the sugar was stuck to the bottom!

Finally I could do the dough needing. It was rather hard and it kept on crumbling and falling apart. I put more flour down but that didn't help at all, all the flour did was making it worse. What did we do wrong? Did I forget to put something in, no. Do you know? It's in the recipe.

I reread the recipe and it said to put it in the fridge for half an hour. I did that and while I was waiting I was getting out the cutters and rolling pin. After that I was just jumping around and not being helpful.

When half an hour had passed I opened the fridge and took it out. It took absolutely ages to roll out. I had to keep on starting again because I did it too thin.

It was so fun when I got to cut the shapes out. Mummy had to take the cut shapes off the bench because I kept ripping the heads off the men. My little sisters wanted to help me but I'm glad I said no.

Look at the finished product! I couldn't wait to eat them but they were boiling hot. I had a little accident when I was taking them over to the bench and I accidentally dropped one.

My little sisters pleaded with me to help do the icing. They actually did a pretty good job with them. They had turned out better than I expected. No.2 and I made biscuits for each other which was pretty special. We also made biscuits for Nana and Papa which they enjoyed.

Thank you for coming to my cooking lesson today. Please come again and I'm sure I'll be back with another lesson!


Sarah said...

Good job on your first blog sisy!Very nice biscuits I have to say!!!!

Love from big little sister No.2


oh my! i LOVE ginga bread men!!! Do you think they'd travel well getting to me in NYC???
boy do I have sweet tooth!
run run as fast as you can! little gingerbread man!

The Rose Room said...

You girls are great bloggers, great cookies and glad they have their heads! Rachael:)

Floss said...

Thanks for the recipe! My boys will want to have a go at this. We have a dog and she waits under my table for little 'accidents' like you had - she can sometimes swallow a biscuit in one gulp before it even touches the floor! I have to be very careful...

(PS she is not allowed in the kitchen - it's just that I put my biscuits to cool on the table just outside the kitchen door). said...

I love to see children learning to bake and cook. Its lovely to see! Suzie. x

Stephanie said...

Sitting here having my morning tea visiting blogs. A cookie sure would be delicious right now!

Lululiz said...

Excellent baking lesson. Thats another one I have to try with my granddaughter now. Neat icing, too.