Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Spring, Glorious Spring!

My Father was celebrating 40 years of being a "Man of the Cloth" on Monday. I thought it would be nice to make a card for him. A grand idea came to me. I then spent a great deal of time cutting up 2cm bits of 'cloth' and stuck each one onto black card. It reminds me of a mini quilt, so colourful and cheerful.

Look at what I picked up at the Op Shop this weekend!! Just a bit of loose change scored this darling sandwich/cake tray. I am enjoying finding silver treasures to add to my growing collection. Christmas will be shiny this year!

Now come and take a walk with me around the garden. I just picked these Freesias for you to take with you when you leave. They are growing like weeds, makes a nice change!

The girls are growing Giant Russian Sunflowers. Some have grown, but it's not looking like many are going to take part this year. They were a new packet of seeds too. Jolly disappointing isn't it? Only five out of a possible 15 have sprouted.

Anyway, come outside. Oh goodness, the Clivias are really doing themselves proud this year. So bright and orangy. Lovely to look at through the lounge windows. It's lucky I like orange or it might be a bit much, they are everywhere.

And look up, see all the Cherry Tree buds about to pop? I think this would be one of my favourites in the Spring garden. The Plum Tree out the front has nearly finished flowering with the latest winds blasting through. Oh and it's not a real cherry tree unfortunately, just the ornamental variety.

I do have some plans to buy a couple of fruit bushes for around the side. Maybe berries of some sort?
Ah and a little bit of New Zealand for you. The Punga's are reaching for the sun, as we are now. It keeps popping in and out of the clouds.

And Spring is not Spring with out Spring Cleaning is it? Well I've done a bit, but clearly not enough. Plenty of time I say. It's here for three months after all. What's the hurry? I'm not a cleaner at all. Don't get me wrong, I love a clean house, I just don't like cleaning it. Lets just say when I do clean, it really get noticed!

Now I am getting on with my little giveaway. I have bought a couple of surprises so far. All will be revealed on Friday, I hope! Until then have a good day and thank you all so much for all your lovely messages. They are so lovely to receive.
For those of you who don't have an account to be able to place messages, don't be frightened off by the word 'account', you don't have to pay for anything. I've not spent a cent yet and I have a blog. Isn't it great? And they say nothing is free!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah ! The card is beautiful, it's a great idea !Congratulations to your father (but to tell the truth I don't really understand what it means "to be a Man of the Cloth ", I'm sorry..)
Your spring fotos are very nice , freesias are my favourit spring flowers, my husband always buys me some in the spring.(we don't have them in our garden...)so, thank you !!!

hugs and love :Manka

Michela said...

Oh, I'm so envious now of your beautiful spring flowers!
Congratulations to your daddy, the card you made him is really gorgeus!

Andrea said...

Glad you visited my blog. So nice to meet you!

I am right there with you on the cleaning thing. Love a clean house, but not the actual cleaning of it. And as much as I wait for her, the cleaning fairy has yet to show up. Phooey!

Cute card for your dad. Need to go check out your giveaway now.

Floss said...

I like the punny card! Very pretty too. Thanks for the tour of your spring garden - what fun to experience that just as we come to the end of our summer!

the cookie cutter said...

Cool card! You are giving me all sorts of ideas for using up all those little fabric scraps I have and can't bring myself to throw away. The quilt you made a while back with little squares is also a really great idea! said...

That card is great! What a wonderful idea! Suzie. xx:)