Sunday, 27 September 2009

Recycling Big Time Challenge

Right before I start with a big announcement, I would first like to say thank you for all your lovely comments you have gifted me with lately. I do love popping on to the computer and seeing another one there. It gets me all excited! And who has been cheeky enough to go all anonymous on me and say they have bought me a present from the French Market?!!! I have completely no idea who this might be. I haven't done anything to be thanked for as far as I know. How very exciting for me.

Now pop on over to Dottie Angel and see what she has started for herself, and others who have been brave enough to join her. I have been thinking about signing up myself but it's a pretty big thing. I have been ever so good of late and made all sorts of goodies for family and friends. Remember I even pickled some veggies? And the items my lovely new machine has been producing have been gratefully received too.

So after reading through her challenge and a few others as well, I have decided to set myself a challenge too. It's nowhere as brave as theirs, but a start is better than nothing isn't it?

Well now, I am going to make as much as I possibly can for 365 days starting from today. This day being 27th September 2009. I will choose to make over buying, check second hand before buying new, give handmade gifts only (with the exception of a few bought things for the girls and husband, but I will discuss these choices with them), I will bake and cook more often and learn jam making, preserving skills etc.
This will be fun mostly, even if hard work for me. But I do like the feeling you get from making the effort. There is nowhere near the same pleasure from bought stuff.

I will recycle more than just the household items we usually recycle. I love this new recycling clothes idea I have been working on. Jeans are truely one of the greatest clothing inventions! Did you see sweet Michela has offered to send me her old jeans all the way from Venice!!! What a lovely, kind offer. I just can't accept it as the postage would be soooo expensive. She is insisting though. Imagine a Venetian jeans handbag!

I don't buy myself many clothes generally, as I really don't enjoy the experience. But I would like to start making myself more clothing now that I have such an awesome sewing machine.

I topstitched this skirt I made this morning for No.4 over six layers of denim in places!! Imagine that! That just goes to prove that I can make anything I wish to.

I will use my garden more this year too. I would like to extend the types of vegetable I grow and add a few fruit bushes to the garden.

So this year will be a thinking year for me. I will think before I buy. I will try and reuse as much as I can. I will enjoy what I already have. I will buy what others have already used. I will teach my girls what I am learning. I will enjoy!

Hmmm. I wonder if my newish jeans could be something else too one day?


Estelle said...

I have been completely inspired by your jeans/skirt transformation and intend to attempt your idea for my 3 year old. I have been thinking the same thing about making clothes for myself. It's finding the time that I struggle with. Really like your blog. Thanks.

dottie angel said...

sarah, so delighted you have been inspired by my challenge...
it was lovely to read what you have set out to do for the next year.
i think you are quite right about making changes in the way we buy our clothes and feed ourselves...
and if your little girl's skirt is anything to go by, i am quite sure you are going to do a fabulous job at being a handcrafted thrifty mama :)

jus said...

Hi Sarah,
Just found your blog through a bit of whimsical clicking. It's so nice to find another Aucklander blogging away down under. Love the skirt too. Have a great Sunday, x

Michela said...

Lovely skirt! ...well, I'm really sorry that you can't accept my offer..I could add a summery dress and CL October issue..

Stephanie said...

What a lofty but terrific goal! There are a few blogs I read where they upcycle and recycle all the time and they're so creative. Looking forward to following along.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Sarah
You are so very inspirational ! I only found your blog a matter of weeks ago and already it is one of my favourites. I love the way you write and the topics you write on.
I'm really impressed by your challenge which is so very close to the Utmost Challenge I'm taking part in.... I wouldn't be at all surprised if you found yourself doing the Utmost Challenge pretty much. It seems to me the more I avoid New items the easier it becomes - and there certainly is a force out there which provides what we need.
The skirt is fab, as is the lovely bag you showed last time. I know I'll be avoiding sending pretty much anything to the Charity shop in the coming months as I'll be thinking "hmmmm.... how would Sarah view this item and what might she make....?" and hopefully I'll upcycle said item myself !
I'm full of the joys of Autumn having returned from a very successful Car Boot shopping session !
Have a great week ahead,
Denise x said...

I think that is just wonderful, and I aspire to become more like that myself. I agree with it so much, I especially like the idea of making presents! The world we live in is way too materialistic and does not give enough thought to long term effects of its greed. Good for you! Suzie. xxx

Pomona said...

I love the ways you have been reusing old jeans - I feel quite inspired, and you have given me some fantastic ideas for reusing them rather than just throwing them out.

Pomona x

Floss said...

Great to read your challenges, Sarah! I relly look forward to seeing what you do with everything - I passed a box of men's jeans at the Vide Grenier yesterday and thought of you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah I have joined this challenge too. By looking at your blog I think I am certainley going to learn a few things from you. Your ideas are amazing.

Look forward to checking back in soon