Saturday, 26 September 2009

Recycled Jeans Present

Our ten year old has a party to go to on Sunday. She is very choosy about what gifts we should give, so my idea of making something came as a nasty shock to her. I just don't understand why she gets so excited about me making her something but it's not acceptable for giving to her friends.

Well you can imagine her reaction when I said I could make her a denim bag from recycled jeans!! She wanted new denim. To be honest, I did go to the shop and had a look at the rolls of denim, but decided that what I had at home was way better. And it had pre-made pockets too!

So out came the giant hackers and an old pair of jeans. I found this fab little pattern at Ric Rac. It's such a neat bag and really easy to put together.

I cut some pretty circular fabric for the lining and cut the bag outer from my jeans leg. I think I'll easily get two bags out of one pair of jeans.

I thought some pretty striped pocket flaps would compliment the lining nicely. I haven't done anything like this for years and they're easier than they look.

It's very important when you're a perfectionist, to get the stripes matching just right!

Pop the pocket flap in and stitch in place. The lower pocket is cut straight from the jeans then re-sewn on the bag. You don't see the raw edges at all. Honest!
Stitch the lining to the outer bag and turn through. Top stitch.

I tried to use all the fabulous details from my jeans.
Another covered button. I do like them a whole lot. And the flash of colour is nice too. The closure flap matches the button and flaps and it velco fastens in place.
Did you guess what the strap is made from? The waistband! The whole thing without the belt loops. It has a nice curve in it which makes the bag sit so nicely over one's shoulder.

Every bag needs a purse, doesn't it?

It's empty, but I will pop a few coins in it for good luck. It's an old wives tale that giving a new purse to someone is bad luck unless there is money in it.

And what was Daughter No.1's reaction to the gift? Did she storm of in a rage of shame?
No she was absolutely delighted with it and would love to give it to her friend for her birthday. One convinced child. Recycling old to make new is a winner with her!! She wants one now too. So does No. 2 and also Nana. I think I'll have to go to the op shop and hunt for old jeans.

My mission with our eldest daughter is to teach her that new isn't necessarily better. Spending money just because we have it isn't right. Buying wisely is a good thing. Saving money is a gift for a lifetime. Saving the environment is very important.


meg said...

Wow that's super cool! I loved the wee dolls quilt too, you must be one busy mummy!

Anonymous said...

I've made this great bag a few times and even downsized it for smaller girls - what a great idea though to make it from jeans.

Enjoy the school holidays


Michela said...

Hi Sarah! What a great idea!
I've an old pair of jeans, which I'm thinking of throwing away...if you e-mail me your address, I would be very pleased to send them to NZ!
Have a lovely weekend!

Heleen said...

This is great! My doughter would react the same... I'm sure this is the best gift ever!

Lululiz said...

Well, that turned out brilliantly, on all fronts. Little Madam Clevercloggs, you. Perfectionist, eh? That little admission hasn't gone unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, just been showing you off to my family in France! You have done me proud. Just picked you up a belated "thank you" present from the french market. Very excited, hope you like it! xx

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Oh my gosh you did such a good job. That child's mother must have been so impressed, in addition to the birthday child!!!

How on earth did you line those pockets ...

Croap Queen said...

Very clever, madam. I have a whole load of old jeans and have been wondering what to do with them. Pity I can't sew! Well, I say I can't - I have a brand new sewing machine still in its box where it has been since it was a present about 10 years ago. Oops.

I suppose that's a crime against sewing machines isn't it? I shall go and hang my head in shame.

Pomona said...

A wonderful bag, and I agree entirely with your philosophy - maybe you should join us in Dottie Angel's utmost challenge - it looks like you're halfway there already!

Pomona x

Floss said...

Oh, but you are, aren't you??? (See above!)

Well, that's a great bag, Sarah, and I almost think I could make it, but actually, no...

What you want your daughter to learn really reminds me of what I heard a young girl say at the Alternative festival today (yes, I went). We'd just made something groovy in a worshop and she said: 'Wow, that's like the ones you get in shops, but NATURAL!' She wanted fashion and trends, and why not, but was beginning to realise that you can do that without destructuve consumerism.

sallgood said...

So cute! (And you know I LOVE the circle applique!)
I shop 2nd hand too, and I am amazed at the good things people donate! I'm happy to help out the non-profits, and it's so much more fun to find a bargain!

Lace hearts said...

Absolutely fab. I was planning to make a bag tomorrow for my daughter's 13th, and use a Sew Hip pattern... I think I'll follow yours instead. Thank you once again. xxx