Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Curtains Have Arrived...

Well yes, the new curtains arrived on Thursday.  Hmmm.  Not quite what we were expecting.  Somehow the wrong colour was ordered.  These are more charcoal and silvery.  We wanted more of a subtle colour in more of a goldie beigeish tone.  We've ummed and arrghed about them all weekend.  They really do stand out in more ways than the colour.  The lining is a bit thick and that makes them a bit boofey according to hubby.  And so much for making the garden more of a feature by having subtle curtains!  You just do not notice it at all with this colour. 

They are very dark at night too.  You probably think they look fine from these photos but really they are too dark.  I do like them, but it's not what we ordered so we are borrowing these in the meantime until our fabric arrives in about a month.  The curtain people are being very helpful because they feel so bad about the error, so there's no worries there.  Oh and the new blinds for the kitchen windows have lemon coloured cords on the white blinds!  What's that all about???  I'll be calling them in the morning.  Goodness the headaches of home renovations.  Our lovely painting does suit these curtains though doesn't it?

My new book strikes again.  This time I've made this handy little peg holder.  I've always liked them, but never really had the need for one, as I have a peg pocket on my laundry trolley.  It seems I must have been sent a message as I just discoverd a large hole in the peg pocket!  Seems I'll  be able to make use of this one after all.  Jolly good.

But golly did I fluff over which fabrics to use, and then the ribbons too.  I wanted something cherry looking to liven up the washing duty.  I think this is rather happy looking.  It's quite useful for a soft toy bed too I see today!

Guess what I've been up to today?  This set of doors should be a good clue...  Clean looking aren't they?  The girls are I have been cleaning doors ready to be taken away for spray painting.  I thought it was clever of me to take on some extra help.  Wrong!!  Honestly they were Jif mad.  Used way too much of the stuff and as for cleaning??  Well let's just say I went over them again.  Thanks for the help anyway girls!

More of this kind of stuff has been going on too.  Wallpaper is a thing of the past in most rooms now.  The little girls had a horrid peachy orange paper which we are all glad to see the back off.  Hubby is currently removing the paper in our bathroom ready for the big rip out later in the week.

 I received a huge surprise in the mail on Friday.  You can see it was from the USA.  As for priority mail, don't be fooled, it took over two weeks to arrive!  I'll tell you all about what was in it next time. 

 Yes that is a little mean, sorry.  Anyway off to make a cuppa for a tired hubby.  Bye for now!


Michela said...

I agree with you, it's such a pity to hide your luxurious garden with those dark elong waiting will be worthy, I'm sure!

Heleen said...

I think the curtains look verry pretty from here.
It's always great to get a 'helping' hand! lol
Can't wait till you show what's in the envelope!

Lululiz said...

The colour of the curtains is too cold for my liking, goldie beigey would definitely be better. At least you are not stuck with them as it wasn't your fault. Long wait though, grumph.
And I see you are doing your usual, being a teasing c_w, lolol. Whats in the package??? Come on, woman, spill!

Floss said...

Such a shame about the curtains, but at least they're accepting the responsibility for changing them...

I know shat you mean about children 'cleaning' things!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

What a bummer!
I think the warmer colour you have picked out will be great!
Lovely seeing your renos coming together.

Dawn said...

Love visiting your blog. I think the curtains look great. Can't wait to see what you got in the post!
Dawn said...

Love those curtains, they are really lovely! Gosh you are so busy, all this cleaning and decorating, no wonder you need a cuppa. Can't wait to see what is in that Priorty (!) package! suzie. xxx

sallgood said...

What is it about home rennovating- there are always hitches along the way!!

Love your cute clothespin holder- it really is cheery!

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I like the colour. They look great with your rug and painting. I wonder what the curtain company will do with them? I may try to find that book, it looks like a good buy.xx

Sarah said...

We don’t have a rug CraftyHelen?!! Perhaps you meant the coffee table? It certainly gets used as a rug at times, girls are always on it rather than at it. And yes they are rather lovely, but just too dark for that room.