Monday, 15 February 2010

I Love Colour!

I want more of it too.  I don't think I'm the neutral colour scheme girl I thought I was after all. Take a look at No.1's ensuite, (yes jolly lucky girl who doesn't appreciate what she has at all and won't even keep it clean and tidy!) isn't it pretty in aqua and white? 

I received these marvelous fabric samples I ordered in the mail this morning from a lovely shop called The Cotton Store.  After school today she will decide which are the most suitable colours.  I will make the roman blind myself and save a few hundred dollars in the process.  We were quoted $500 to have one made!  It will cost no more than $100 for me to make it.  Aren't they just lovely? 

Oh golly what have I done!!  This photo above simply will not do as it's told and sit in the middle.  Hmmmm.  Anyway which fabric would you choose?  I kind of fancy the left one for another project or two!

As you can see we have colour all around our house at present.  Loving the greens right now. 

Now here's a puzzler... why don't you see triplet carrots for sale?  We can't be the only people to have seceeded in growing such a  magnificent feast from one plant.  Oh and they taste like the garden, really fresh and juicy.  The girls went out to the garden this morning and picked one each for their lunchboxes.  What a treat!

On the other hand, this... I don't find very amusing at all.  What on earth???  Surely the tree is confused?  Please don't let summer be finishing yet!

Speaking of colour.  I've changed my mind about the colour in our bathroom and the wall behind our bed.  I'm through with Arrowtown and now into Juniper.  I love the soft greenish, blueish tone this colour has.  It's warm and relaxing, and red and chocolate go brilliantly with it.  Sounds lovely to me.  I kind of won this colour over the Arrowtown.  Hubby says if I promise to not use the orange accessories then I can have Juniper.  Really, as if I'd use orange when red goes so much better!!

I was a bit naughty this morning.  Well I did still have birthday money burning a hole in my bag, so not that bad I guess.  Isn't this book delightful?  And an absolute bargain at only 19.99!  There are plenty of really lovely gift ideas in this book.  I haven't even done more than peek yet, so this afternoon you'll be able to find me laying on the sofa with this in my hands.

Oh yes I sure do need this project.  You should see the state of my ironing board cover now!!  It's all ripped and so in need of some love and attention.  If only I could find the perfect fabric. Sigh!

And because I am so far behind in writing thank you notes to people, today I splashed out and bought this truly beautiful note booklet.  I shall set up a box of writing equipment so I can easily write notes as needed.

Well that's probably enough colour for one post.  Hope you enjoyed my colourful world today.  And I hope you are having a cherry day yourselves! 


Joan said...

I did enjoy your color, especially since we may have more "white" tonight and in the morning.

VintageVicki said...

Love all the colour especially as its mainly green with splashes of white here in the UK.

I just think supermarkets believe we all want perfect carrots but they've never actually asked. I know we had a few double ones last year but not a treble.

Willeke said...

I wrote a comment but it has dissapeared..... I think.
I love your colours Sarah. A lot of years ago, I also made roman blinds; you have to work very accurate. Good luck! I prefer the sample in the middle.
You bought a very nice book. I am curious what you will make.
Yesterday evening, on Dutch television I saw a program about Auckland. You live in a very beautiful enviroment and I hope summer continues a while. said...

Oh yes, lovely colours! I love colours! suzie xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, thank you for the lovely colours, Sarah. If I look out of the window I can see white everywhere. OK, I love snow, but this is too much even for me... we have snow almost until our knees... but I want spring to come so much!!!

Lululiz said...

Oooh, oooh, it has to be deckchair stripes for the roman blind!
I like the juniper colour, it is quite restful, but just the thought of orange with it makes me shudder. I am so not an orange person. Thankfully, you are red mad so its all good.

Croap Queen said...

Thanks for the colourful post! It's grey and dull here, but at least it's not the dreaded white for now!

I'd go for the stripes on the right 'cos I love the browns & teals together.

Hope you enjoyed your session on the sofa with your new book. Fab.

J x

Floss said...

I remember your ironing board cover... My CK one has a few stains on it that I haven't manged to wash out yet, which kind of saddens me.

I love all the colours you're considering!

The Garden Bell said...

I love color too, as you know...

Commenting on my laptop, sorry so short today. Practicing up.

Kate - The Garden Bell - xxoxoxox