Monday, 22 February 2010

Goodies For Me

I've done a little thrifty shopping this morning with my littlest helper.  She's ever so sweet to take shopping.  Here I was on the floor of the Salvation Army Shop, sorting through knitting needles, and I look over and she's lined all the others up, having a great time as well.  I have to admit to copying Dottie Angel's idea of  needles in a jug.  I just think it's such a lovely piece of art. 

Why don't they make such pretty knitting needles any more? 
This little lot cost me $1!  That's about 30p probably.

The shop next door is one of those emporium sorts.  With lots of interesting goodies that you never knew you needed until you saw them.  I came out with a medium sized bag of odd buttons.  I do like odd buttons.  They are usually a mix of the weird with the useful. 

Not sure about the orange hand!  That one will end up in the girls collection for sure.

Now I think you lovelies have waited quite long enough to see what was lurking in that parcel from yesterday.  Please forgive me for teasing you so much.

Well, dear Joan from Connecting The Dots (please do go and visit her, she's such a sweetie and so very generous) sent me the parcel.  Just look at these wonderful magazines she was getting rid of... yes there's even a Christmas issue, my favourite.

Would you like to have a closer look at that fabulously pretty yoyo quilt?  How long would one of those take to complete I wonder?  I'm tempted to make a cushion.  I know my limits!

And see these little treasure she popped in as well.  Love, love, love the red and white fabric so very much.  I think it will be in my next quilt.  The floral fabric was Joan teasing me about not having any purple fabrics for my quilts!  I could get used to it if they are as pretty as this one.

Now I wonder if she bought the hearts precut?  They will be perfect for my patch houses I'm supposed to be working on.  The ribbons and buttons are cute too.  How thoughtful of you Joan.  Thank you very much.


bekimarie said...

Lovely parcel!
What is it about knitting needles in a jug, looks so effective.

Beki xxx

Lululiz said...

Well, snap! I bought two pairs of knitting needles today as well, really lovely old wooden ones, quite thick because I have some Aran yarn to knit. Twas at a boot fair, and the only thing I bought, it was pretty crap.
And wonder of wonders, lol, your photographs ARE getting better........

Joan said...

I'm glad you liked everything. I did buy the hearts precut. If you look at my blog post from January 29, you'll see how I used them for valentines cards.

VintageVicki said...

Some very pretty things. Am liking that yoyo quilt but think it might take a lifetime to do. I have about 10 'spare' yoyos at the moment!!

I keep some of my vintage needles in a stone bottle - much easier than flowers ;)

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, what a lovely parcel to receive. Let us see what you do with the hearts.xx

Willeke said...

Hi Sarah,
Lovely fabrics and ribbons! The yo-yo-quilt looks great too. Nice picture of the jug with the needles, the colour on your wall is so beautiful.
Last week I received old crocheting hooks and knitting-needles which belonged to my grandmother. I will show them soon.

Megan said...

My mum just sent me the christmas issue of Country Living- isn't it such a lovely mag. Your blog is gorgeous :)