Saturday, 6 February 2010

A Ducky Time

Well she's finally three years old.  Our baby is growing up... finally.  Although to be quite honest, I'd keep her this age for much longer if I could.  She's so adorable, cute, cuddly and so funny.

She unwrapped her few presents this morning.  We've never given so few presents before but just couldn't think of anything much to buy her.  I think she's lucky than most anyway, with three big sisters and all their toys to play with.  And she wasn't complaining with what she received.  She even got a little bit excited which was sweet.

And the cake got done eventually.  Last night.  The heat wasn't too good to work in.  I had the duck's head in my hand trying to adhere the icing to her head, with the sticky butter icing sandwiched in between.  It just went all gooey and flopped all over the show.  You can imagine how fun that was!  It really was looking like a huge disaster, but it all came out sort of alright in the end.  And the spell in the fridge, with No.2's singlet tucked under her beak to stop it from falling off, worked wonders!!

You have to admit she is looking a little Plain Jane.  Perhaps a few flowers are in order to cheer her up a bit.

And some green fluff.  We'll pretend she's sitting on the grass waiting for No.4 to come and feed her bread. This also hides some nip and tuck surgery too!  Oh it's amazing what a bit of fluff can do for a duck.

Three green candles for the little madam.

And now she's all ready to present herself to the birthday girl.

And this is what happened when the Happy Birthday singing started!  It was just soooo embarassing!  I have to admit to hating that part as well.  It's quite mean really, especially when you aren't expecting it.  Still once it had finished she came right and enjoyed her cake.  It must have been alright as she had another piece for pudding tonight.

Here's a shot of party food for you to enjoy.  Chicken and salads for the adults, rubbish stuff for the children.  See that huge jar of marshmellows?  They pretty much all went!  I think I know who ate the most as well!!

And after the party was over, we all felt a bit like this...

 Kind of tired and empty.  

And then there's the clean up part.  But there's also the lovely leftovers.  And then there is the playing with new toys and reading the new books.  We even went to the park next door to fly a new kite.  Yes of course it got stuck in a tree.  And Daddy went home for the floor mop to get it down!  Now that was funny!!

Happy Birthday Sweetpea!


Juanita Tortilla said...

Now that ducky looked perfect! Sweet and perfect.

Happy birthday to your little one.

(Yes, I still do remember cringing and pulling the longest face when I had the class sing me the birthday song. It is quite traumatic -- all that attention, and everyone singing at you...)

Lululiz said...

I love the flower ducky! You are so clever. Big birthday hug to the gorgeous 3year old.

Serenata said...

A very happy birthday to sweetpea - looks like she had a lovely time despite the singing!

Michela said...

...phew! Thanks to God everything went well and the last minute cake turned out perfect!!!

TheMadHouse said...

I think the cake is wonderful, just perfect. A great cake for a great girl. Sounds like a fab party and time was had by all

The Garden Bell said...

Your ducky cake rocks. Just too cute. What a special birthday for your little gal.

Quack On,
Kate xoxoxoox

Dotty Jane said...

That cake is too cute for words! Happy Birthday to your little sweetie:)

Joan said...

Everything looks marvelous!

Anonymous said...

See - you got there in the end. Great cake!xx

the cookie cutter said...

Cute cake Sarah! well done, looks great! Glad the party went well....who is next?

sallgood said...

What a cute cake!Looks like your family had a great party, and belated birthday greetings to your little one!

Croap Queen said...

Happy Birthday No 4!
What a lovely duckie cake and party you had.

Jo x

The Organic Paddock said...

What a beautiful cake and celebration! My second daughter (I have four too!) absolutely hated it when we sang Happy Birthday.She would hide under the table! Now she is ok, at nine. Thanks for popping in to my blog, I'm going to have a look around yours now. Take care xo
ps my word verification is 'obilly'! I should have mentioned I also have a son, called Billy! Was that a sign...?

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo ducky, I want one :) Looks like you all had a lovely birthday celebration.

Ohooo Sarah, nothing has come :( Sounds beautiful too, *sob* *sob* I shall keep my eyes peeled and of course I shall let you know the moment it comes, I hope isn't losty, especially coming all that way and especially as you have been so kind to send me some.

Of course that little tea pot, she is only little, would be coming your way, if you won, if it breaks it breaks, but a prize is prize :0)

I shall keep you updated on the fabric.

Love and Hugs


beck said...

Hey Sarah, I just realised when I left a comment earlier that I did it from my other new blog, The Organic Paddock. Oops. Anyway, looks like I've got to get my head around managing two blogs...ha! xo

RebeccaMom said...

LOVE the duck! this organizing stuff needs to happen at my house too... :)